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Project Description

This family in Toluca Lake, CA, had just returned home from a long day but noticed their garage door was harder to open. A loud snap was heard when they tried to lift it as the door dropped. They soon realized that the garage door's torsion spring had broken. It made the door unstable and posed a safety risk for their children. Worried about their safety, they called Fixxed Garage Doors immediately for help. We inspected the garage door and the broken spring as soon as we arrived. Then, we quickly replaced it with a stronger spring, and the garage door was back in balance in no time. Then we gave them some tips to keep their garage door safe. After it was all fixed, the family understood why regular garage door maintenance was important.

Garage door springs allow your garage door to open and close. If your garage door is difficult to open or close, it may be because a spring is broken. Fortunately, they are easy to spot. Look into your garage door system and see whether the broken spring exists. When that happens, call your garage door repair company right away to come out and fix the springs.

What Causes Your Garage Door Spring to Break?

Several factors can cause a garage door spring to break. Some of the most typical reasons are:

Wear and tear 

Torsion springs are under steady tension and can wear out over time, especially if improperly handled. As the spring wears out, it gets weaker and can finally break.


They can rust if water or wetness gets on the garage door springs. Rust makes the metal weaker, which makes the spring more likely to break.

Incorrect Spring Size

If the garage door spring is the wrong size or type for the door's weight, it will wear out and eventually break. Be sure to choose the correct size when replacing your spring.

Cold Weather

Cold weather can be hard on your garage door springs. When the temperatures drop, these steel coils get cold and are put under much pressure. That may require you to get new springs more often. Make sure you invest in quality ones so you do not need to replace the springs all the time!

Lack of Maintenance

Greasing the springs as part of maintenance can make them last longer. If you do not care for the springs, they will wear out faster and break sooner.

Sudden Impact

When something heavy, like a car or other bulky item, hits the garage door suddenly, it can break the spring.

Your garage door spring might break from everyday wear and tear or due to extreme weather conditions. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to take action quickly. Proper upkeep and regular inspection can minimize the risk of your springs breaking or snapping prematurely. Taking preventative measures now will ensure your safety and peace of mind down the road!

Do not try to fix your garage door springs yourself. It is a job for the pros! Why? These things are under much pressure and can cause serious damage if not handled cautiously. Inspect and take care of your springs regularly to ensure nothing goes wrong and your garage door stays safe and in good shape.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Are you tired of hearing your door squeak and squeal as you open it? Do not put up with an unreliable garage door — get it fixed now! At Fixxed Garage Doors, we provide top-of-the-line garage door spring replacement services. Our door experts are highly trained and experienced to handle any garage door repair needs you may have. We guarantee to use parts and materials of the best quality, so you can be confident that our garage door repair will be durable and trustworthy. Plus, we work rapidly and efficiently to get your garage door in full swing in no time. Do not let a broken garage door keep you from enjoying the convenience of a reliable working garage door. Call us today for free estimates and enjoy the expert service you can count on!

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