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Garage Door Repair North Hollywood

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Project Description

A North Hollywood, CA homeowner called Fixxed Garage Doors when their son backed into the garage door. At first, they thought the damage was irreparable. So they asked our door experts to get them fixed. When we arrived, we saw a deformed bottom panel. Beyond the unsightly damage, the compromised door posed a security risk. Swiftly, our team took measurements for a garage door panel replacement

We returned after a few days to complete the garage door repair. The new panel was in place within an hour, blending seamlessly and elevating the home’s facade. Impressed and grateful, the clients commended the team for our efficient service. They vowed to keep a closer eye on their driveway maneuvers to avoid such incidents. What began as an accident became an upgrade, thanks to Fixxed Garage Doors’ expertise. 

Your garage door is an important part of keeping your home safe and making it look nice from the outside. Yet, mishaps can happen, and this important part can break from normal use. When you have a broken garage door, you often must decide whether to fix it or get a new one. Let us look at what can help you make the best choice for your situation.

Garage Door Repair or Replacement: Making the Right Choice for Your Home

Age of the Garage Door

Think about how old your garage door is when choosing whether to fix it or get a new one. If your door is still fairly new and the damage is not too bad, fixes can extend its life for a reasonable cost. However, if your garage door is nearing the end of its lifespan and needs repairs often, it may be better to buy a new, stronger door.

Garage Door's Safety

If the damage weakens the structure of your garage door, someone could break in and risk your family’s safety. When this happens, getting a new door will give you peace of mind and a door that meets current safety standards.

Energy Efficiency

If a garage door is old or badly broken, it may not have enough insulation, which wastes energy. If you have an attached garage, this could affect your energy costs and comfort. More recent garage doors have improved insulation, resulting in less heat loss during the cold season and less heat gain during summer. That helps save energy.

Appearances and Home Value

How your garage door looks affects your home’s curb appeal. If the damage is obvious and affects how your property looks, it may be wise to get a new door. This way, you can choose a door that fits your home’s design and adds to its value.


To fix or replace a broken garage door is not a simple choice. But thinking about how bad the damage is, how old the door is, how safe it is, how well it saves energy, and how it looks may help. While you can fix most minor issues with remedies, a badly damaged or old door may require replacement for better long-term results. Talk to a professional garage door service to make the best choice and ensure your home’s garage door is safe and works well. Remember, investing in your garage door is also an investment in your home’s value and safety.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Is your garage door showing signs of wear or damage? Fixxed Garage Doors is here to restore its former glory. Whether a simple garage door panel replacement or a more complex fix is what you need, our team has the tools to make your door look and work like new again. Our experienced professionals walk you through the repair process and make sure that the result fits in perfectly with your home's exterior. With a wide range of materials and styles, you will find the right fit and improve security. 

Do not let a damaged panel be an eyesore or safety concern. Fixxed Garage Doors can fix your garage door with ease and confidence. Ask about our free quotes, and you will be one step closer to a garage door that looks good and keeps you safe.

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