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Project Description

Fixxed Garage Doors got a call from a worried homeowner in Los Angeles, CA, about their broken garage door. The client said the door was noisy, slow, and sometimes going up unevenly. As we checked the door, it was easy to see that the rusty roller stems were the root of the problem. Fortunately, we found that the roller bearings were still in good shape. The first thing we did was apply a rust remover to the roller stems. It would successfully eliminate the rust and make the rollers run smoothly again. 

After giving the rust remover enough time to work, we carefully cleaned the roller stems to eliminate any rust or dirt left behind. We put lithium grease on the cleaned roller stems for long-lasting lubrication. After some tests, the door is back to its good condition. The client was very happy with our work and thanked us for it. They also said they would call us again if they needed us.

The garage door rollers are a key part of how smoothly and efficiently your garage door works. They are small wheels that let the door slide along the tracks, making opening and closing easier. Over time, these rollers can become worn, rusty, or dirty. Such rollers can cause problems, such as loud operation, slower movement, and even a door not aligned right. To ensure that your garage door lasts as long as possible and works as well as possible, you must keep the rollers in good shape.

How to Keep Your Garage Door Rollers in Good Condition

It is important to take care of your garage door rollers so that they work well and your garage door runs smoothly. Here are some things you can do to keep your garage door rollers in good condition:

Visual Inspection

Check the rollers for signs of wear, damage, or rust regularly. Check whether the rollers or tracks are out of place or loose. If you address these issues promptly, you can prevent them from worsening and avoid costly repairs. 


Clean the rollers to remove any dirt, trash, or grime that has built up on them. Scrub away buildup gently with a soft brush, soapy water, and mild home cleaner. Rinse the rollers well and let them dry before going on to the next step.


Apply a good lubricant to the roller stems to reduce friction and ensure the rollers move smoothly. Use a lube made of silicone or lithium that is made for garage doors. Apply a small amount of oil to each roller stem and make sure it gets spread out evenly.

Test the Operation

After cleaning and greasing, open and close the garage door a few times to ensure it works smoothly and quietly. Pay attention to any odd sounds or resistance. If you find problems that do not go away, you may need to call a professional to check and fix them.

Tighten Loose Parts 

Check the roller frames and other parts of the garage door system for loose nuts, bolts, or screws. Tighten them as needed to keep them stable and avoid more damage.

Professional Maintenance

Consider scheduling regular garage door maintenance with a professional. Professional technicians can thoroughly inspect, find underlying problems, and make necessary changes or repairs.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Are you looking for reliable and affordable garage door services? Fixxed Garage Doors can provide fast service in Studio City and Valley Village. Our skilled technicians will ensure your garage door operates efficiently and safely. We specialize in fixing broken springs, wires, openers, tracks, and rollers. With our complete garage door repair services, you can ensure your garage door is working at its best. So do not wait, and call Fixxed Garage Doors today to request a quote!

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