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You most likely use your garage door a lot, and that can cause it to break, wear down, get old, and be loud. At some point, it could cause it to get stuck or not move at all. Is your garage door noisy and jamming? To keep it in tip-top shape, you need the right lubricant. But how do you know which will work best for your garage door? In this blog, we will talk about the different kinds of garage door lubricants and show you how to choose the right one for your needs.

Which Type of Garage Door Lubricants Should You Use?

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone-based lubes are popular options because they are effective and easy to use. These lubes can withstand high temperatures and greatly protect against rust and corrosion. Also, silicone-based lubricants do not combine with other materials. That means you can use them on metal, rubber, and plastic. They also have a light consistency, so getting into tight spots that need lubrication is easy.

White Lithium Grease

When it comes to lubricants, few can last as long as a good quality lithium grease. Yet, note that these types of lube are not good for dusty and dirty places. The residue left behind by the grease tends to attract dust, dirt, and other particles. In such cases, it will make the garage door less effective and more noisy when it moves. Lithium grease is perfect for places where temperatures change a lot. It is easy to use and lasts for a long time, which makes it a great choice for garage door maintenance. However, this type of grease is not like silicone, and you should not use it on rubber or plastic parts since it could damage them.

A user applying garage door lubricant on the rollers

PTFE Spray Lubricant

If you live in a dusty or windy area, PTFE spray lubricants are the best for your garage door. They are made from a PTFE-based formula that provides great lubrication and protects against rust and corrosion. These lubricants are known for keeping dirt and debris from sticking in places with a lot of wind and debris. Their ability to be 100% dry helps keep your garage door clean and running smoothly without applying the oils often. Remember, you should not apply PTFE spray lube on plastic parts because it can cause damage or discoloration. 

PTFE Spray Lubricant Is Good For:

  • Low Rate of Friction: PTFE has a very low coefficient of friction, making it easier for two surfaces to move past each other. That can make moving parts work better and reduce wear and tear.
  • Water and Heat Resistance: Since PTFE-based lubricants are water-resistant, you can use them in places with much dampness. They will remain 100% dry.
  • Non-Stick Properties: PTFE lubricants will not get stuck on surfaces like oil-based lubes do. So you do not have to worry about it attracting dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Plus, they help keep your garage door parts and tracks clean and tidy. That means you can spend less time scrubbing.
  • Long-Lasting: PTFE spray lube is known for its long-lasting qualities. It can stay on metal parts long, so you only need to apply it on them sometimes.

Protect and keep your garage door running smoothly with a non-stick lubricant spray. It is quick and easy to use because it is sold in aerosol cans. Plus, it is safe on all types of garage doors and will keep them well-lubricated for years. Just make sure you use it correctly for the best results.

A user applying garage door lubricant on cable drum

Choose Your Garage Door Lubricants With Care

Proper lubrication is essential for your garage door to operate smoothly and last as long as possible. Using the right lubricant can ensure smooth and quiet operation while avoiding unnecessary wear and tear. Think about the type of lubricant that works best with your garage door’s materials, your living temperature, and your choices. And lastly, always check and grease your garage door as often as the manufacturer suggests to keep it working well for years.

Garage Door Maintenance Near Me

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