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Garage Door Spring Replacement Burbank

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Project Description

It can be annoying when your garage door does not open while trying to leave for an important appointment. Unfortunately, this happened to our client, a local attorney in Burbank, CA, who experienced a broken garage door spring just as they left home for a scheduled hearing. Our team at Fixxed Garage Doors did our best to respond quickly to the call within the day. We arrived on-site and immediately went on with the garage door spring replacement.  After we completed the repair, the client expressed his appreciation for our prompt response. The client then signed up for a routine maintenance appointment with our company after being informed that the lack of maintenance was responsible for the rust and corrosion.

As a homeowner, you want to keep all parts of your house in top condition. That includes the garage door. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the garage door is a complex system of many parts that all work together.

One important element of the garage door system is the springs. These springs help to hold the door in place and allow it to open and close smoothly. However, over time, they will naturally start to wear down. That is why it is critical that you have routine care and inspections for garage door springs. In addition, as you use your door more frequently, you may encounter one of the scenarios discussed below.

Typical Garage Door Spring Issues You Can Handle Yourself

The garage door makes a squeaking sound each time it opens or closes

Garage door springs need to be lubricated. Whether your door is manual or has an automatic opener, the springs are metal parts that need to be kept lubricated to function properly. Lubing up your garage door springs can be messy, but it is necessary.

It would be best if you lubricated your door every six months. It will keep the components working smoothly and reduce the unpleasant noises it makes. In addition, you should clean the door and lube it after the last freeze and every fall. It will remove salt crystals and help prevent damage from spring rains.

The garage door does not remain up after it has been opened

Watching your garage door as it opens and closes allows you to determine if there is a problem with the tension. For example, does the door no longer stay open? That could signify a tension problem that needs to be addressed. Another symptom of an issue with tension is when the door only opens a few inches and stops. It usually means that the spring is broken rather than simply being loose.

How to Manually Inspect Garage Door Springs

To determine whether your garage door springs require maintenance, follow these procedures.

• To reduce the possibility of injury, close the door completely.

• Disconnect the door from the opener.

• The best way to test the condition of your door springs is by opening the door halfway and then releasing it. It should stay in place. Be careful when slowly opening the door so it does not fall out.

• Lift the door to shoulder height and check it again to see if the door remains in its position.

• Only release your grip on the door handle when it gets heavy. It could result in injury. Instead, slowly release the door back down and contact your garage door specialist for an inspection.

The spring is most likely broken if the door has difficulty staying up. On the other hand, the tension is most likely to blame if the door remains open for a brief period before dropping.

Garage Door Repair Services by Fixxed Garage Doors

Worrying about your garage door is a thing of the past! With Fixxed Garage Doors, you can rest assured that your garage is in good hands. We provide top-quality garage door repair service, routine maintenance, and free estimates, so call us today and let us take care of everything.

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