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Why You Need a Professional to Repair Broken Garage Door Spring

The garage door spring breaking is a downright frustrating and inconvenient situation, especially if you do not know how to tackle the problem. Some homeowners would feel inclined to solve the problem on their own, but that is not something you should try. Repairing garage door springs is a job that demands the combination of skill and experience, and you could only make matters worse if you have no idea what you are doing. Is it dangerous to replace garage door springs? Yes, and we listed down the reasons why this is a job best left to the professionals.

What are the disadvantages of DIY garage door spring repair?

DIY garage door spring repair can lead to serious injuries

Every year, thousands of people are injured by automatic garage doors, with many of these injuries caused by damaged springs. It is unsafe to be near a worn out or defective garage door spring. Garage doors are heavy. Even small, light garage doors can still weigh around 130 pounds. As the door opens and closes, this massive weight is controlled with the help of the springs. Every time the spring coils wind and unwind, they store energy that can be extremely dangerous when suddenly released. When a garage door spring fails, it can result in shooting springs, snapping cables, and collapsing doors. Because of the danger it involves, it is best to get the help of a garage door spring repair professional as they are knowledgeable and capable of replacing garage springs.

You could end up buying the wrong type or size of spring

There are many types of springs used on garage doors, so you will need to figure out which ones your door needs before making any purchases. You have to learn about the many types of springs, the different types of coatings, and how the size and weight of your door affect your spring selection. Extension and torsion springs are the two most common types of springs. Extension springs are found on the horizontal track overhead, while torsion springs are mounted on the header of the garage door opening. If you do not see any of these springs, seek an expert who can tell you what type of system you have depending on a description. Replacing garage springs yourself can save you money in the short term, but the repair process will take longer. If you purchase the incorrect springs, it will cost you more time and money in the long run.

Your garage door may suffer from poor spring installation

As mentioned earlier, getting the correct type and size of the spring is one of the first things you must get right. A spring that is too little or too large might harm your opener, create cable wear, and pose a safety danger, among other things. A garage door with a correctly installed spring or springs will be safe and balanced. Another danger of changing garage door springs yourself is improper installation. The good performance of every part of your garage door is ensured by proper installation, and this includes the springs. A good and safe installation entails the use of proper equipment, parts, strength, and know-how. Installing the wrong parts or installing them incorrectly can result in a faulty or imbalanced door. Unbalanced doors put strain on other sections of the door-lifting mechanism, perhaps leading to more failures.

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