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Garage Door Spring Toluca Lake

Project Description

Fixxed Garage Doors recently undertook a challenging garage door spring replacement project in Toluca Lake, CA. The client reported a loud bang, which caused their garage door to stop working all of a sudden. Our team, suspecting a broken torsion spring, arrived promptly at the site. We detached the heavy door from the chain drive opener and manually closed it for safety. At plain sight, our suspicions were correct all along—one of the springs got broken. 

We offered a better solution to the client, which is replacing both springs instead of just the broken one. This approach will balance the tension between the springs for smoother operation. It will also prevent premature breakage and save on potential repair costs. Upon client approval, we proceeded with the spring replacement.

Our team meticulously executed the project to ensure proper installation of new springs and balancing of the door. After the garage door spring repair, the garage door functioned with no issues as it had before. This project highlights the dedication of Fixxed Garage Doors to providing efficient solutions and exceptional service to our clients in Toluca, Lake.

Why Replace Both Garage Door Springs at the Same Time

Fixxed Garage Doors proposed replacing both springs for a few key reasons. 

Improve Spring’s Lifespan

Experts typically install garage door springs at the same time so they have the same amount of wear and tear. If one spring breaks, likely, the other is just a little behind. Replacing both springs at once can prevent a second garage door failure sooner or later.

Balanced Performance

Having springs with balanced tension is crucial for the smooth operation of the garage door. When you replace only one spring instead of both, the new spring will be stronger and have more tension than the old one. This imbalance can cause the door to operate unevenly, which can lead to further issues down the line.

Cost Savings

Replacing both springs at once can be more cost-effective. The cost of a service call to replace the second spring at a later date would likely be more than the cost of the spring itself. By replacing both springs at once, the client can save on these potential future costs. 

So, it is all about ensuring the longevity of the garage door, promoting balanced and seamless operation, and providing a cost-effective solution for the client.

Garage Spring Repair Near Me

Did your spring just snap? Do not let a broken garage door spring throw a wrench in your day! At Fixxed Garage Doors, we do not just fix what is broken; we propose replacing both springs to prevent future breakage. We specialize in swift, efficient, and comprehensive garage door spring replacement in Toluca Lake, CA, and nearby cities. Our expert team understands the importance of balanced tension in your garage door springs for efficient running and lasting performance. 

Need a garage door spring replacement? Trust licensed technicians to deliver effective solutions that fix immediate problems and prevent future ones. Save on potential repair costs, and ensure your door operates as smoothly as possible. For seamless, worry-free professional garage door services, choose Fixxed Garage Doors. Call us today for a free estimate!

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