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Garage Door Repair North Hollywood

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Project Description

A homeowner in North Hollywood, CA, faced a critical issue with their garage door system, which had ceased functioning properly. It turned out that the cause of the malfunction was a broken garage door spring. Even worse, the garage door cables had already worn out due to rust. These issues posed risks of further damage and safety hazards, which called for the expert help of Fixxed Garage Doors. The main goal of this garage door repair was to restore the optimal working conditions with safety in mind.

Scope of the Garage Door Repair

Since garage doors consist of interconnected parts, we suggested a comprehensive repair method. The task at hand needed the simultaneous replacement of the cables and the torsion springs. We planned to keep the door’s balance and efficiency by replacing these parts at the same time. Doing so will also make sure that the system wears down evenly, which will make it last longer.

Diagnosis and Initial Assessment

After confirming that the problems were with the torsion spring and cables, we did a full check of the garage door system. We checked the door’s overall condition to make sure there were no other issues.

Client Consultation

After going over the results, we discussed things with the homeowner. Our experts stressed how important it is to replace both cables and springs at once. With this proactive approach, they can prevent any potential future failures.

Planning and Safety

Then, we secured the area around the garage door to keep everyone safe while we did the fixing. We got all the replacement parts and tools we needed, which include premium torsion springs and cables that work with that type of garage door.

Removing Broken Parts

We carefully removed the broken torsion springs and worn-out cables, managing the existing tension in the springs safely to avoid injuries.

Installation of New Springs and Cables

Once we installed the new torsion springs and cables, we adjusted everything carefully to ensure the correct alignment and tension.

Tests and Small Adjustments

In order to verify the garage door’s functionality, we performed several tests. We also made further adjustments to the spring tension and cable length to ensure a smooth and balanced operation.

Final Inspection and Client Walk-Through

As part of our final inspection, we met with the homeowner to discuss the repair work. After restoring the garage door’s functionality, we provided maintenance tips to prevent future problems.


The garage door repair was successful, with the new torsion springs and cables fully functional and the door operating smoothly. The homeowner appreciated the professionalism of Fixxed Garage Doors’ repair service. They also liked that steps were being taken to make the garage door last longer.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Did you run into a garage door snag like our client in North Hollywood? Do not let broken garage door springs or worn-out cables throw your day off track! At Fixxed Garage Doors, we are all about getting your garage door back in tip-top shape quickly and efficiently. Whether it is replacing springs and cables or handling other repairs, we have got the expertise to do it right. So why wait? Let our licensed team lift your garage door woes with the same care and precision we brought to our happy homeowner in North Hollywood. Call us today, and get your garage door fixed and back to smooth sailing.

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