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A garage door is an essential element that can add charm and character to your home. Modern garage doors can be incorporated with windows of various shapes and sizes to provide natural light and increase your home value. However, is going for windowed garage doors worth it?

The Advantages of Garage Doors with Windows

Allow natural light into the garage

The benefit of daylight is just one of the many ways garage door windows make life easier. Just imagine the convenience of not turning on the light every time you need to find a tool. Even better, you would not need to open your garage door to let light in because the windows would do the job for you. This reduces your electricity bill and minimizes garage door wear and tear while also providing natural light in your workspace. By giving your garage doors additional dimension and dividing the solid panels with windows, you may also give the impression that the garage is larger.

Make the garage appear like the rest of the house

When you add windows to your garage door, it becomes a part of your home rather than just a place to park your car. Your windows can be manufactured to order to match the other windows in your home. It will also give your home’s exterior a fresher appearance. Your garage’s curb appeal is enhanced when the windows match those of your home, capturing the attention of neighbors. It can increase your home’s value when putting it on the market.

The Disadvantages of Garage Doors with Windows

May cost more than solid doors

Keep in mind that a garage door with windows will almost certainly cost more than one without. This is due to the labor costs of creating a door with glass inserts. Even if there isn’t much of a price difference, if you have a tight budget, this might be a problem.

Garage door windows may pose a security risk

Burglars are naturally drawn to windows, so security experts claim that windowed garage doors are a security risk. If burglars pass through your neighborhood, they may think that breaking into your garage door is easier because they only have to break the glass.

Glass is breakable and vulnerable to impacts

Adding windows to anything has the disadvantage of potentially breaking them. They are made of glass. Some forces could break the window. If you want to go with windows, you should consider getting impact-resistant glass.

Garage door windows affect the insulation

Adding windows to your garage door can compromise insulation. Suppose you want the beauty of decorative windows without the potential insulation loss. In that case, you need to install thermal windows (also known as double-pane windows) to prevent air and humidity infiltration between the panes. Before you set out and buy new thermal windows, you should know some technical details about your garage door. The manufacturing year, dimensions, color, thickness, and patterns information are also important.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

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