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Most of the time, we do not think much about how useful garage door remotes are until they stop working. A broken garage door remote can quickly turn a simple job into a frustrating ordeal. That is true whether you are leaving for work in the morning or coming home after a long day. This blog post from Fixxed Garage Doors explains why and how to fix the most common garage door remote issues. Does it ever frustrate you when an opener’s remote just loves to mess with you? This guide is a must for you. 

Common Cause of Garage Door Remote Problems

The Remote Control Has Dead Batteries

Dead or weak batteries are one of the frequent and simple causes of garage door remote malfunction. It might sound obvious, but it is often the first thing to check. Garage door remotes rely on batteries to function, and over time, these batteries lose their charge.

Solution: Change the batteries on your remote control. Some garage door remotes may need a special battery, like a coin-cell battery. However, most of them just need AA or AAA batteries. Insert the fresh batteries properly. Make sure to align the positive and negative ends in the battery compartment.

A garage door remote opened to check the wirings and battery

Garage Door Remote Programming

Another common issue is having to re-program the garage door opener’s remote. This problem could happen if you drop the remote, the power goes out, or there is electrical interference.

Solution: The manual for your garage door opener will tell you exactly how to reset your remote. Just press the “learn” button on the opener, then press a button on the remote to complete the process. If you cannot find the copy, you might be able to download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Interference from Nearby Devices

Sometimes, your garage door remote has to compete with other electronic gadgets to connect. Baby monitors, wireless routers, and even some kinds of lighting can mess up the signal, throwing a wrench in the works. 

Solution: Turn off nearby devices to see if your remote works better. If your model allows, try changing the garage door opener’s frequency.

Antenna Issues

Usually, the garage door opener unit has an antenna that receives the signal from your remote. Damage, dirt, or misalignment of this antenna can hinder the proper operation of your remote.

Solution: First, check the condition of the antenna on your garage door opener unit. Then, ensure that it hangs correctly and is free from bends or breaks. If you see dirt and dust on the antenna, clean it gently with a soft cloth.

Faulty Remote Control

Sometimes, your remote is the troublemaker. Over time, frequent drops or exposure to high temperatures can cause its internal parts to wear out.

Solution: Suspect your remote is acting up? Try using a different one if you have one. If the other remote works fine, it is time to bid farewell to the old one. You might need to buy a new remote and program it to work with your garage door opener.

Remote Signal is Blocked

Physical objects may also obstruct your remote’s signal. It could be anything from a large car parked in front of the garage door to a metal object near the opener.

Solution: Make sure no large objects or vehicles are blocking the path between your remote and the garage door opener. If necessary, move your car or other obstructions and try using the remote again. 

Out of Date Technology

However, garage door openers, like all technology, can become outdated. If your garage opener and remote are older models, they may not be as reliable as newer versions. If you are still using an older LiftMaster remote, it might be time for an upgrade.

Solution: If budget is not an issue, why not consider upgrading to a modern garage door opener? Modern openers, including smart garage door remote systems, often come with advanced security features and are more reliable. Plus, smartphone apps like myQ typically control newer models, which are typically more energy-efficient. 

A garage door opener with myQ connectivity

Wiring Issues

Over time, your garage door opener’s wiring can become loose or damaged, causing remote issues. Loose or damaged wires can prevent the remote from communicating with the opener. If this happens, the remote will not be able to send the right signals and will, therefore, be useless. 

Solution: Inspect the garage door opener’s wires. If you are sure you can handle it, look for any loose or broken wires and fix or replace them as needed. If you are not sure how to work with electrical parts, it is best to call a garage door technician

Environmental Factors

Extreme weather, humidity, and other things in the environment can make your remote control less useful. The temperature can change a lot in Valley Village, CA, which could affect your remote. 

Solution: While not in use, try to keep your remote somewhere stable. Please do not leave it in a vehicle where the temperature can vary significantly. If you think the weather is damaging your remote, you may use a cover or case to protect it.

Get Expert Help for Remote Control Issues 

If you have tried all the above solutions and your garage door remote is still not working, it might be time to call in the garage door professionals. Sometimes, the issue is more complex and requires expert knowledge and tools to resolve. 

For professional service, trust Fixxed Garage Doors. Our licensed garage door technicians can diagnose and fix any issues with your opener’s remote, ensuring it works without a hitch. We serve the areas of Studio City and Burbank, CA, and are here to help with all your garage door repair needs. 

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