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Welcome to the future of garage convenience, brought to you by Fixxed Garage Doors! If you have ever driven off wondering if you remembered to close the garage door or struggled with keys and remotes in the pouring rain, then say hello to your new best friend: smart garage doors. Let us learn what these futuristic marvels are all about and how they can make your life easier and your garage smarter.

What are Smart Garage Doors?

A smart garage door is an updated version of a garage door that combines traditional functionality with cutting-edge technology. At its core, it does what any garage doors do—open and close. But that is just the beginning. Smart garage doors can connect to your home Wi-Fi network, too. When connected, it allows you to control them remotely through a smartphone app. You can also integrate them with your home’s security system and even respond to voice commands. Imagine telling your garage door to open while you are still in your pajamas.

Key Features of a Smart Garage

Remote Access: With a connected smart device, you can open and close your garage door from anywhere.

Better Security: Get messages when someone opens or closes your garage door.

Convenience: Set up an add-on timer to auto-close your garage door.

Security: With a smart opener, you can always monitor the status of your garage door. 

Benefits of an Advanced Garage Door System

Installing a smart garage door has a lot of benefits besides just being more convenient. Here are some compelling reasons you might want to get one:

A garage door operated with a smart phone

Improved Garage Security

Security can be a problem with regular garage doors, especially if you leave them open by accident. Good thing real-time notifications are one of the best features of smart garage doors. If you leave the door open, you will receive a reminder alert on your phone. Plus, you can check on the door status from your device so you can feel safe whether you are home or away.

Smart Garage Doors Make Things Easier

There is nothing quite like the comfort of controlling your garage door without needing to be there physically. Suppose the rain pours all of a sudden. You can open the garage door right in your car’s comfort without getting wet. Or perhaps you are in a rush for a planned trip? No need to worry. You can check and close the garage door from the airport if you forgot to do so.

myQ Easy Sharing

Do you need to let in a friend to borrow some tools or give access to a pet sitter? Instead of hiding a key under a doormat, you can grant access directly from your smartphone using myQ app. You can provide temporary access codes or permanent access based on your needs, which you can change or revoke anytime.

Energy-Efficient Garage Door

Smart garage doors usually have better insulation and tighter seals, which helps keep the temperature in your garage stable. This insulation is especially useful if you have an attached garage. This way, you may be able to cut your heating and cooling costs all at the same time.

Smart Garage Doors Add Value to Your Home

Did you know that a smart garage door adds value to your home and gives it a modern look that buyers will like? Indeed, it is an investment that will pay off because it combines efficiency with cool tech appeal.

How to Have a Smart Garage Door

Are you looking for options to make your garage door a smart one? Consider the following aspects to find the perfect fit for your home:


Make sure that the smart garage door controller you buy will work with the garage door opener you already have unless you plan to get a new opener. Also, make sure it works with the home control system you already have.

Security Features

It is best to look for door openers that come with cameras, alarms, and secure ways of communication. With these added features, you can improve the overall security of your home, including your garage.


Smart garage doors come in various price ranges, depending on features and brand. Set a budget that includes installation costs and stick to it.

Best Smart Garage Openers for Your Home

When it comes to picking the best smart garage door opener for your home’s garage, you have a few great choices. Although everyone has different needs and tastes, these are some of the best smart garage door openers on the market:

Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Hub

Many people choose the Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Hub because it works with a lot of different devices. This smart opener gives you real-time alerts and lets you control your garage door from afar using an app on your phone. It can also work with well-known smart home systems like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Genie StealthDrive Connect

The Genie StealthDrive Connect is a smart garage door opener that makes things easier and safer. It has Aladdin Connect technology, which lets you use your smartphone to control and watch your garage door from anywhere. The Genie StealthDrive Connect is also simple to set up and works with virtual assistants.

A Genie smart garage door opener and its features

Craftsman Smart Garage Door Opener

Craftsman has a variety of smart garage door openers that are safe and convenient. You can manage these openers from your phone, get real-time alerts, and use them with popular smart home platforms. Craftsman’s door opener brand has a history of making high-quality products that last a long time.

Smart Garage Doors Installation and Maintenance

Installing a smart garage door might sound daunting, but many users find it to be a straightforward process. Most systems come with detailed instructions and customer support. However, for those less tech-inclined or for a perfectly tuned setup, professional installation might be the way to go.

Maintenance of smart door opener models is similar to traditional garage doors. You need to lubricate moving parts, align the sensors, and check the door’s balance. With smart openers, you also have to perform software updates to keep everything running smoothly.

Why These Garage Doors Are a Game Changer

Upgrading to a smart garage door has many benefits that go beyond just convenience. For instance, the high-tech features of smart garage doors make your life easier, and they increase the value of your house.

So, if you are all set to give your garage a smart makeover, the team at Fixxed Garage Doors is here to guide you in every way. Let us make your garage smarter and your days a little much easier.

Best Garage Door Installers Near Me

Thinking about upgrading to a smart garage door? Let us make it happen with Fixxed Garage Doors! Our friendly team of garage door experts loves nothing more than helping you tap into the convenience of modern technology with a seamless installation process. We carry the latest smart garage door openers to ensure you get the best in security and ease of use. At Fixxed Garage Doors, we know that every home in the greater Los Angeles area is unique in its own way. Thus, we customize our garage door services to fit your specific needs and budget. Call us today for a free quote, and let us bring your garage into the 21st century together—you will love the difference it makes.

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