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Ever noticed your noisy garage door adding its soundtrack to daily life? If it makes more noise than your morning alarm, you are not alone. Many Valley Village, CA, homeowners deal with this issue. From squeaks to bangs, several culprits could be behind your noisy garage door’s unexpected solo performances. Join us in this blog post by Fixxed Garage Doors as we unravel the mysteries of why your garage door insists on being the loudest member of your home. We have got the inside scoop on what is causing all that noise. And most importantly, how to hush it up for good.

Knowing the Common Cause for Squeaky Garage Doors

Let us uncover the usual suspects behind your garage door’s racket, from worn rollers to loose hardware:

Worn or Damaged Garage Door Rollers

Over time, the rollers may produce loud grinding or scraping sounds. Worn or broken rollers can cause these sounds and other noise issues, including:

Squeaking: When a garage door opens or closes, worn-out rollers may make a high-pitched squeaking or squealing sound. Rollers and tracks often make this noise because they rub against each other.

Scratching or grinding: When the garage door is moving, the broken or flat spots on the rollers can scratch or grind against the tracks, producing a loud noise.

Shaking or rattling: If the rollers are loose or damaged, the garage door may shake or rattle each time you open or close it.

Jerking or uneven movements: Damaged rollers may cause your garage door to move jerkily or unevenly. They may make noise as they try to move correctly along the tracks.

Higher vibrations: Broken garage door rollers can cause the door to wobble and produce more noise.

Rusty garage door rollers causing squeaky noise when moving

How to Fix it

If your garage door is making noise because of loose parts, follow these steps to make it quiet again:

Check the rollers: Examine those rollers carefully to find any damage, wear, or flat spots.

Apply lube to the rollers: Use silicone-based garage door lube on the rollers to stop them from squeaking and causing friction.

Replace the old rollers: If the rollers are too old or damaged, then it is time to get new ones. One option is nylon garage door rollers, which are known for being quiet and long-lasting.

Remember: Maintenance and repair of worn or damaged rollers will keep your garage door running quietly and prevent further troubles and part damage.

Noisy Garage Door Due to Bent or Misaligned Tracks

Garage door tracks are very important because they guide the rollers and make it easy for the door to move along its path. Uneven, bent, or broken tracks can cause several sounds and problems, such as:

Scraping or screeching: The rollers may scrape against the tracks’ sides if the tracks are not straight and aligned. It will create a noise when the door moves. This noise is usually loud and annoying.

Thuds or bangs: When the door is moving, twisted or bent tracks may cause the rollers to jump or hit the sides. When the door is moving, twisted or bent tracks may cause the rollers to jump or hit the sides. It usually produces a thumping or banging sound.

Ringing or shaking: When operating at faster speeds, the door may shake or jiggle due to bent tracks. Unsmooth rollers on misaligned tracks could be the source of this noise.

Being jerky or stuck: This happens when your garage door’s tracks are not straight. The door may move jerkily or get stuck at certain places along the track, making a noise as it tries to move.

If you hear any of these sounds when you open or close your garage door, you need to check the tracks for alignment or imbalance. Bent or improperly aligned tracks produce noise. These issues can also lead to additional complications, such as the door falling from its rails or other parts breaking down too soon.

Loose Garage Door Hardware

Garage doors that make noise can have hardware that is too loose. Nuts, bolts, screws, springs, and other parts that hold the door together. They let it move easily along its tracks. When the hardware becomes loose or wears out, it can lead to various sounds and problems.

Clanking or rattling: If the nuts, bolts, and screws are loose, the garage door may rattle or clank when it moves. As the door moves up and down, the loose parts can make noise and vibrations.

Knocking or squeaking: Hinges and other moving parts that are not well-lubricated or have loose parts can cause squeaking or knocking sounds.

Metallic sounds: Metal-on-metal scraping or grinding sounds will happen when parts of hardware rub against each other. They produce this noise due to their looseness or improper alignment.

Shifting or jerking movements: If the garage door’s hardware is loose, you will notice it might jerk or move unevenly along its tracks. This movement could make more noise and damage other parts.

How to Fix it

You can take the following steps to address the issue of a noisy garage door caused by loose hardware:

A technician tightening garage door hardware on the left of the picture. On the other hand, he is realigning the garage door tracks

Fix any loose parts: Check all the garage door system’s nuts, bolts, screws, and hinges to make sure they are all fixed properly.

Replace damaged hardware: Replace any worn, broken, or stripped hardware with the right replacement parts.

Check for misalignment: Ensure proper alignment of all parts, such as the tracks and rollers.

When to Call a Professional Garage Door Maintenance Service

Do-it-yourself repairs can fix some noise issues. Yet, some noise issues require expert knowledge. Give Fixxed Garage Doors a call if you experience any of the following:

  • Persistent noise despite regular maintenance.
  • There is visible damage to springs or other components.
  • The door is hard to open or close.
  • The door appears off-balance or misaligned.

Addressing Your Noisy Garage Door in Valley Village, CA

If your garage door gets noisier over time, it tells you it needs some TLC. If you figure out what is making the noise and take steps to stop it, your garage door will run smoothly and quietly. For all your professional garage door repair needs, Fixxed Garage Doors has you covered if you are in Valley Village or nearby.

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