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Garage Door Spring Studio City

Project Description

A loud noise alerted a homeowner in Studio City, CA, who then found their garage door hanging oddly. After a quick check, they saw a broken garage door spring on one side of the door. Because they knew how dangerous these springs could be, they called Fixxed Garage Doors right away for help. Upon further inspection, we found that the spring had broken due to normal wear. We quickly changed both springs with ones that would last longer at the homeowner’s request.

After being put through rigorous tests, we were able to bring the garage door to its best state. We made sure that it was safe and would work properly. When their garage door began working smoothly again, they felt relieved and thankful for the prompt and affordable service.

Garage door springs play a crucial role in how a garage door works. The torsion springs, placed above the door or extension springs found on the sides, balance the door’s weight. Whether you open and close it by hand or with a garage door opener, these springs make it easier to lift the door.

There is mechanical energy stored in the springs when the door is closed. Once you open the door, it releases this energy, aiding in lifting the heavy door. The springs control how far the door descends when it closes so it does not slam shut and moves smoothly and safely.

What Causes Garage Door Springs to Break?

Many reasons, mostly related to normal wear and tear, can lead to broken garage door springs. Yet, here are a few common reasons:

• Normal Wear and Tear: Constantly opening and closing the garage door can weaken the metal in the spring over time, causing it to break.

• Age: Springs usually have a lifespan that is measured in cycles (open and close movements). They are more likely to break as they get close to the end of their useful life.

• Rust and Corrosion: In wet or rough weather, metal can rust or corrode, which makes it weaker and more likely to break the spring.

• Lack of Proper Maintenance: If the springs are not well-lubricated or maintained, they will wear out faster.

• Incorrect Spring Size or Type: If the springs are not the correct size or type for the garage door you have, they may not be able to handle the weight of the door properly. This mismatch is often the cause of premature breakage.

When a garage door spring breaks, it usually happens quickly because of all the repeated stress and strain. Regular inspections and maintenance can help find problems before they cause the garage door system to snap. That keeps it running smoothly and extends its life.

Garage Spring Replacement Near Me

Wondering if your garage door is as safe and efficient as it could be? Do not let a faulty spring catch you off guard! At Fixxed Garage Doors, we repair springs professionally and quickly, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. Our skilled techs know how to work with overhead door springs, quickly figuring out what is wrong and replacing them with better, longer-lasting ones. What you get from Fixxed Garage Doors is more than just a fix. You get peace of mind and a safe, effective garage door system. Get in touch with us right away and discover the difference with our excellent service and knowledge.

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