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Garage Door Spring Replacement Burbank

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Project Description

The sound of the garage door crashing one morning startled this Burbank, CA, homeowner, who quickly called us for assistance. We suspected the trouble was with the torsion springs. Sure enough, our diagnosis revealed that rust and corrosion had taken their toll on the springs over the years that one had broken. Calling on our expertise and skills, we completed the garage door spring replacement in 45 minutes. We also replaced the cables, which had become corroded and were in danger of breaking soon. The client was delighted to be able to access their garage once again without worry or stress.


Having a working entrance door to your garage is absolutely essential, regardless of its intended purpose. And while openers tend to draw the most attention when it comes to repairs, the springs can also be a source of failure over time. As these parts naturally take on wear and tear, they may start causing problems with the operation of your garage door. 

Replacing garage door springs can be tricky, so it is wise to turn to professionals for help. The reason is that these components are under tension and thus require someone with expertise to work on them safely. Consequently, your best bet is to seek a local garage door company for the replacement.

Common Garage Door Spring Issues

Broken Garage Door Spring

Opening or closing your garage door and being greeted by a loud bang? That could be an indication that the torsion spring has snapped. These springs hold tremendous tension and will definitely not break without making a racket.

Attempting to fix a broken spring is not recommended, as the best solution is simply to purchase a new one. Replacing the garage door spring can cost $150 to $350. Replacement typically requires an hour's worth of labor, and the cost varies depending on door size, type and number of springs, number of doors, and location.

Improper Spring Tension

Are you having trouble getting your garage door to open or close? It could be an issue with the springs' tension. Many times, it is likely that the springs need to be adjusted or rewound. Thankfully, it may not require total replacement as an experienced professional can likely make an adjustment to resolve the issue. In most cases, this should address the problem, and you will not need to replace them altogether.

Failing Extension Springs

Extension springs are unique in their own right. Whereas torsion springs wind up when the garage door is closed, extension springs loosen as it opens and stretch while it closes. One telltale symptom of an extension spring that is beginning to fail is when one side of the garage door closes more slowly than the other. 

Wear and Tear

Do your garage door springs begin to show signs of age? It is not uncommon to notice signs of wear on the torsion springs—even though they still seem to work. If your torsion springs appear worn or sagging, contact a garage door technician for an inspection and advice. While full replacement might be recommended, they may find that these springs can last another year or two with proper maintenance.

Squeaking Noises During Operation

An unpleasant squeaking sound coming from your garage door when it's in use should alert you that something may not be right. Having a garage door specialist examine it is the best way to ensure its overall safety and effectiveness. They can advise you on the appropriate lubricants and how to apply them.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Fixxed Garage Doors is a premier choice for garage door installation and repair services in Burbank, CA. We specialize in garage door spring replacement, offering free estimates and same-day service. With our affordable rates and fast turnaround time, you will surely receive the best service for your money. Contact us today for more information about how we can help with all your garage door needs!

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