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Project Description

As this Los Angeles, California, homeowner closed their garage door, they heard a loud snap, followed by a quick stop. Although scared and confused, they found the garage door spring had broken. Realizing that using a garage door with a broken spring could be dangerous, they called Fixxed Garage Doors for help. When we came, we carefully checked the broken garage door spring and found that rust and corrosion were to blame. Since the other spring showed signs of wear and tear, we got to work immediately and replaced both. After putting the new springs in, we tried the door a few times to ensure it worked smoothly and quietly. We answered all their questions and gave them helpful tips on keeping their garage door working well and for a long time. They believe we could handle garage door spring replacement and other issues professionally. So they were glad to recommend us to their friends and neighbors. 

Your garage door is an important part of your home, making it safer and more convenient. But if a garage door spring breaks, it can be annoying and even dangerous. Why is it important to take care of a broken garage door spring in a safe way? And what are the things you can do to get your garage door back in working order? Let us find out.

What to Do if Your Garage Door Spring Breaks?

Know the Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring

There are usually clear signs of a broken garage door spring. These can include a loud snapping sound, trouble accessing the door, a jerky movement, or a gap in the spring. It is important to know these signs so you can take care of the problem right away.

Always Follow Safety

Safety comes first when dealing with a broken garage door spring. Do not open the door manually or with the automatic opener. Since the door is heavy, it may be hard to control it without the spring. Also, keep children, pets, and personal items away from the area to reduce the chance of crashes or damage.

Rely on Professional Repairs

Fixing a broken garage door spring by yourself can be very dangerous. It would help if you had certain information, tools, and experience to handle the high tension in these springs. For your protection and the repair to last as long as possible, you must hire a qualified garage door repair service.

Choose a Trustworthy Garage Door Repair Company

When choosing a garage door repair provider, look for one with a good name. Look for good customer reviews and experience fixing broken garage door springs. A reliable company will have skilled technicians who can quickly assess the situation. They can diagnose accurately and offer the right repair or replacement choices.

Know Your Repair or Replacement Options

After looking at your broken spring, the garage door tech will determine the best way to fix it. There are chances a skilled technician can make repairs on the original spring. If you have a broken spring or near the end of its life, they may suggest replacing it completely. Trust the technician’s knowledge to make the best choice for your situation.


A broken garage door spring can mess up your daily routine and risk your home’s safety and security. Knowing what to look for, putting safety first, and hiring a professional garage door repair service can fix the problem and get your garage door back to work. Remember that the safest way to deal with a broken garage door spring is to call a licensed technician who can find a lasting solution.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Near Me

Are you struggling to open your garage door with a rusty, old spring? Fixxed Garage Doors offers complete garage door repair and spring replacement services. Our skilled technicians can quickly and easily replace broken or worn-out springs, so your garage door will return to working as soon as possible. We only use the best parts and materials for all our repair works to ensure they last and work well. With Fixxed Garage Doors, you can be sure your garage door will be in the best shape for years. Avail yourself with a free quote when you talk to our hotline. Call us today and experience the difference.

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