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Garage Door Roller Replacement Burbank

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Project Description

In Burbank, CA, Fixxed Garage Doors has finished a garage door roller replacement job. It was for a homeowner who could not handle the racket coming from their garage. This specific problem, along with other operational issues like slow doors, led them to seek our help. The client wanted a reliable solution that would not only stop the noise but also fix the root causes that affect their garage door.

The main goal was to get rid of the old, noisy garage door rollers and replace them with new, quiet ones. With this upgrade, we can resolve the noise problem and fix other performance issues, ensuring a garage door that operates without a hitch.

Scope of the Garage Door Roller Replacement

In this garage door repair, we followed these steps:

Full Inspection

An initial step was to examine the garage door carefully to find the exact source of the noise and spot any other possible issues.

Recommending Better Options

After further checking, we suggested getting new quality hinges and rollers. By replacing the broken parts, it would lessen the noise and improve its operation. So, we selected the most efficient rollers and hinges for their system. 


After taking off the old broken parts, we placed the new hinges and rollers with safety in mind. We made sure to fit them in their proper places and secured them. During the roller replacement, we also talked about how crucial it was to fix any other issues that came up. 


After installing the new hinges and rollers, we tested the door to see if it opened and closed with ease and less noise.


The job was a success. We got rid of the noise and made the whole garage door system work better. The homeowner felt happy with the upgrade, which made the garage door quieter and more reliable.

Fixxed Garage Doors is proud to have provided a comprehensive solution through this garage door roller replacement project in Burbank, NE. Our work stopped the garage door from making noise and enhanced its performance. All of this shows how committed we are to providing excellent service and making sure our clients are safe and satisfied.

Simple Ways to Quiet Down Your Garage Door

Tighten Everything Up

Loose nuts, bolts, and screws can cause a lot of noise. Use a socket wrench to tighten everything up.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Use a garage door lubricant on the moving parts, like rollers, springs, and hinges. It can help reduce friction and noise.

Replace Worn Rollers

Worn rollers can cause a lot of noise. Consider replacing them with quieter nylon rollers.

Install Anti-Vibration Pads

To reduce vibration and noise, you can install these pads between the mounting brackets and the wall.

Use a Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

If you are currently using a chain drive opener, consider switching to a belt drive. These openers work quieter compared to chain drive.

Regular Maintenance

Ensure that your garage door works quietly and effectively by checking and maintaining it on a regular basis.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Is your garage door making more noise than a morning alarm? Let us turn down the volume together. Fixxed Garage Doors offers specialized services in making garage doors quiet, reliable, and efficient. Our team excels in repairs, regular maintenance, and professional installations, making us your go-to experts for a hassle-free garage door experience. At Fixxed Garage Doors, we are committed to providing high-quality garage door services that ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Ready for a quieter garage door? We are here to make it happen. Call us today for a free estimate.

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