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Garage Door Repair Valley Village

Project Description

In Valley Village, CA, Fixxed Garage Doors completed an urgent garage door repair project. We replaced a broken torsion spring on a residential garage door. The spring had deteriorated due to its old age, causing it to break. Due to an important meeting, the homeowner called us for help right away. On that same day, our expert technicians took action. To fix the issue, we replaced both springs with stronger ones to ensure optimal performance. That will also prevent the springs from breaking too soon. This proven and effective solution allowed the client to go ahead with their schedule without delay. 

As always, Fixxed Garage Doors delivered excellent service to this project, which proves our commitment to meeting the demands of our Valley Village clients. It also shows how dedicated we are to replacing garage door springs in a timely manner.

How We Ensure the Spring’s Balance After the Replacement

After replacing the broken torsion spring, Fixxed Garage Doors took additional steps. We did this to guarantee the garage door’s smooth operation. Among these measures are:

Careful Inspection

Our skilled techs carefully checked the whole garage door system. In order to improve its performance, we searched for any other problems that might be present. It gave us a chance to deal with any underlying issues and made sure the door worked with ease.

Spring Alignment

Then, we carefully aligned the new torsion springs. We ensured they were in the proper position and balance. This alignment is crucial to maintain the stability and smooth operation of the garage door.

Adjustment of Tension

Our experts adjusted the tension of the new springs. These settings complied with the garage door’s standards. This step is necessary to get the best balance. Additionally, it keeps the door and its parts from being stressed.


After that, we applied the right lubricant to all moving parts of the garage door. This lubrication helps reduce friction along the hinges, rollers, and tracks. It also ensures that the door moves smoothly and quietly.

Safety Checks

Before we finished the job, we made sure to check the safety of all system parts, which included sensors and auto-reverse systems. It is crucial to take these safety measures. It keeps anyone in your home and your valuables safe from harm or accidents.

In the end, Fixxed Garage Doors fitted the newly replaced garage door springs into the garage door system securely. As a result, the garage door was in perfect balance, and the operation was stable. Our dedication to providing excellent service and careful attention to detail ensures that our clients are pleased and always at ease.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

When it comes to garage door repair, no one does it better than Fixxed Garage Doors. As an industry leader, we are the best at fixing any garage door problem. We have the right tools for the job, so you can trust us to handle everything from basic repairs to major overhauls. 

Our reputation for offering excellent service and achieving excellent results has helped us grow. We focus on the needs of our clients. And the best part? We are honest about our prices and promise that you will be satisfied with the quality of our work. In no time, we will have your garage door working like new again. Experience the difference in Fixxed Garage Doors. Need your garage door fixed? Contact us today for free estimates and all your repair needs.


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