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Garage Door Repair Studio City

Project Description

Fixxed Garage Doors got a call from a client in Studio City, CA, requesting a garage door repair job. They said their garage door had been giving them trouble lately. The door's jerky movement shook the garage, and the loud noises were uncomfortable for the family. We looked at the door and found that a broken top roller fixture bracket was causing it to move and clatter annoyingly. Our technician suggested changing the old steel rollers with nylon ones to make the door much quieter. 

We repaired the broken top roller fixture bracket and installed the nylon rollers quickly. The client was glad to see how well their garage worked following the roller repair. The door moved along its garage door tracks easily and quietly. The clients thanked us for the great service.

The garage door is a big entrance to many homes, but a loud one can be annoying or inconvenient. Is your garage door making too much noise? Some good upkeep can help reduce those annoying noises and make your garage door quiet again. 

How to Make a Garage Door Quieter

Regular Maintenance

Taking care of your garage door is key to keeping it running smoothly and quietly. Follow these easy steps to make sure your garage door stays in top shape:

1. Lubrication: Make sure to grease the garage door's hinges, wheels, tracks, and springs regularly. Use silicone-based lube because it lasts longer and is unlikely to attract dirt and dust.

2. Tighten Loose Hardware: Check the nuts and bolts holding the door's parts together. Over time, movements may cause these to come loose, making more noise when used. Any loose hardware should be tightened.

3. Check the Tracks: Ensure that both sides of the garage door's tracks are in the right place. Misaligned tracks can make a door louder and cause more damage if not fixed.

4. Keep Them Clean: Regularly clean the tracks and rollers to clear dirt, dust, and other debris. Grime that builds up on a door can make it harder to open and close smoothly and make it louder.

Consider Nylon Rollers

The garage door rollers are a big part of how loud the door is when it is moving. Consider switching to nylon ones if you have old steel rollers. Listed below are the reasons:

• Quieter operation: Nylon rollers move more smoothly and quietly than standard steel rollers. The self-lubricating properties of the material lower noise and friction.

• Durability: Nylon rollers last long and will not rust, so they are a good long-term investment for your garage door.

• Less wear and tear: The smooth operation of nylon rollers puts less stress on other parts of the door. It will make them last longer and lower the risk of expensive repairs.

Replacement of Rollers by Professionals

Non-experts can do some maintenance jobs, but replacing the rollers is for professionals. A skilled technician will ensure that the new rollers are put in properly to work well and make less noise. 

Address Strange Noises Quickly

Do not ignore strange sounds or jerky movements in your garage door. If you do not care for problems as soon as you notice them, they will worsen, and you will not have to do more expensive fixes later.

Final Thoughts

A loud garage door does not have to be a constant bother. You can enjoy a smoother, quieter garage door by doing regular upkeep, replacing the rollers, and fixing any problems immediately. Remember to hire a professional to ensure the job is done right, giving you peace of mind for years. Care for your garage door, and it will take care of you by working smoothly and quietly every time you come and go.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Are you fed up with the loud sound of your garage door? Then it is time to call in Fixxed Garage Doors for help! Our experienced team has been in the garage door repair business for many years. We guarantee that we can install and repair your garage so its operation is smooth and silent. We offer high-quality garage door installation, repair, and maintenance. Plus, our service comes with a free estimate. Do not delay—contact us today!

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