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When you get home from a long day at work, the last thing you want is a garage door that will not open. Sad to say, that was what happened to a homeowner in Toluca Lake, CA. They were upset about the situation and knew they had to find an answer ASAP. Because of our expertise and fast service, they chose to call Fixxed Garage Doors. The first thing we did was to check the remote control to see if that was the root cause of the issue. When the opener did not respond to the remote commands, we opened the garage door opener to look at the DIP switch. 

We tried reprogramming the DIP switch to work with the old remote control, but it failed. So, we reprogrammed the DIP to work with a new universal remote control, and it finally worked. The garage door responded quickly and easily to every button press with a new opener’s remote. Our client could not help but be happy when their garage door started working again. They could not thank us enough for the excellent garage door opener repair service. They have found the one they could trust and quickly fix their garage door issues. 

Getting a new garage door opener remote is one of those things you often neglect doing. Yet, eventually, you will need to replace the remote for your opener every so often. The reason is that remotes get worn down over time and start working unreliably or not at all. The question is, do you know how to find the right replacement? 

How to Replace the Remote for a Garage Door Opener

With these few simple steps, you can put your troubles behind with the old remote and get a new one working in no time.

Find a compatible remote.

Find the make and model of your garage door opener. Check their website or the opener’s manual to find out which remotes are compatible with your system.

Buy a new remote model.

Once you know the compatible remote model, you can buy a replacement at a local hardware shop or online. Make sure it is the exact model the maker recommends to ensure it works.

Program the new remote. 

Depending on the garage door opener type, there are different ways to program the new remote. The most commonly used ways are:

Using a “Learn” or “Smart” button: Press and let go of the “Learn” or “Smart” button on the garage door opener. The next step will take about 30 seconds. Press the button you want on the new remote control. The opener’s LED light should flash or beep to show that programming worked.

Entering a PIN code: To set a new remote on some garage door openers, enter a PIN code on the control panel or keypad. Check the manual for your opener for specific guidelines.

Using a combination of buttons: For some opener types, you may need to press certain button combinations on the opener unit and the new remote to connect them. See your instructions for the proper steps.

Here is how to change and program a new garage door opener remote that uses DIP switches for programming:

Look for a new remote with a DIP switch.

Get a new remote that works with your garage door opener and has DIP switches. Ensure the new remote has the same number of DIP switches as the old one.

Find the DIP switches.

On the old remote, open the battery box and look for the DIP switches. These switches are small, usually in a row or grid, and can be switched up or down.

Note the switch positions. 

Make a note of where each DIP switch is on the old remote. It is important to remember the exact setup because you will need to copy it on the new remote.

Set the DIP switches on the new remote. 

Change the DIP switches on the new remote so they are in the same places as the ones on the old remote. Use a pen or a small screwdriver to move the switches up or down.

Install batteries and test. 

Follow the steps from the manufacturer to put batteries in the new remote. Make sure that the battery cover is on tight. Stand near the door and press the buttons on the new remote to see if it works. The garage door should respond and work properly.

Note that some remotes may need an extra step to work with the garage door opener. Refer to the manufacturer’s directions for specific programming steps or versions.

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