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Garage Door Maintenance Studio City

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Project Description

Fixxed Garage Doors performed comprehensive garage door maintenance for a client in Studio City, CA. They said their door was getting slower, and the opener's motor was louder by the day. So we scheduled an inspection right away. We quickly identified where the noise came from—the poorly lubricated garage door spring and tracks. Also, the opener's chain rail had an issue sliding along whenever the garage door was opened and closed. We also replaced the reinforcement bracket with a zinc-plated angle bar for stronger hold and support. Finally, we checked other crucial parts of the garage door system, including the weather seals. Before leaving, we made sure all parts were running smoothly. We also taught the owner some basic tips on how to prevent potential breakdowns in the future.

Why It Is Important to Have a Garage Door Maintenance

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". That is especially true with garage door repairs. As your garage door ages, it will require more repairs to maintain its functionality. However, when you take the time to perform regular garage door maintenance, you can avoid the hassle of repairing it when something goes wrong. Read on to learn more about what you should do to keep your garage door working smoothly.

A Quick Guide to Garage Door Maintenance

Stay Alert When Using Your Garage Door

It is always important to stay cautious when using your garage door. By paying attention to your door, you can avoid any serious issues. Look for signs of the door not working properly, such as strange noises or a slow response time. Addressing these problems right away will help keep your door in good condition.

Keep Moving Parts Well-Lubricated

Lubricating your garage door once every six months is essential to reduce wear and tear, prevent damage, and preserve the extended life of your door. Work on a clean surface to prevent dirt or grime from accumulating. Have a few rags nearby to clean off any excess grease. Remember not to spray lubricant directly on rubber components, as it can damage them. 

Test the Garage Door Opener's Safety Features

Automatic garage doors are a great convenience, but they should always be equipped with an auto-reverse feature. This safety measure prevents the door from closing on people or objects. For instructions on adjusting the auto-reverse feature, check the user guide of your garage door opener.

It is important to regularly test your garage door's safety features to ensure they are functioning properly. However, checking these systems can be dangerous. So it is best to have a professional service the garage door opener immediately after the safety test fails. Please do not attempt fixing it yourself, as this could pose a potential hazard.

Check Your Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are crucial components of a garage door system. So it is important to check these cables regularly for signs of wear or damage. A broken or frayed cable can cause the door to become unbalanced and sag or fall shut. That is why it is crucial to watch for any rust or fraying.

Note that this garage door repair can be risky and is best left to professionals. So contact a professional garage door maintenance company if you notice any such signs. 

Clean and Paint Your Garage Door

Clean your garage door regularly to remove dirt, grime, and chemicals. Washing your door often will help protect it against rust and other damage. Plus, it makes your home look more presentable. 

Check the door itself for any damage when checking the other components. That includes checking it for rust, chipping paint, and water damage. Once you have identified areas that need attention, sand and repaint the door as necessary. Wood doors, in particular, are susceptible to warping and water damage, so check them carefully. Remove any chipped or peeling paint, then sand and repaint. Finally, ensure the door's bottom edge is well sealed or painted to prevent weather damage.

Garage Door Maintenance Near Me

Your garage door is always exposed to the weather. And no matter what you do, it will take the beating and eventually wear out.  

At Fixxed Garage Doors, we work hard for you to have a functional, well-maintained garage door. We provide garage door repair services for homeowners and businesses in Studio City and Burbank. Our team of experts commits to providing you with the best possible service and can handle any garage door issue. Plus, our services come with full product and service warranties. So whether you are dealing with a broken garage door spring or a faulty opener, we can help get your garage door back on track. Contact us today for all your garage door needs!

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