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Project Description

Fixxed Garage Doors faced a challenging garage door installation with replacing an old garage door in North Hollywood, CA. It had been through a lot over the years, leaving it unusable for quite some time. The door has irreparable signs of aging and damage. It was rusty, had completely broken down, and was unsafe for use. As the client’s needs evolved, they decided it was time to start using their garage door again. They wanted a reliable and expert installation to breathe new life into their garage.

We started with a thorough inspection of the old door to see the extent of this job. Then, we helped the homeowner pick a new door. They chose the Classic™ Steel design from Clopay, known for its strong, durable, and stylish one-layer steel frame construction. Our team handled the installation with care, making sure every part was in place and worked well. The new panels really changed the look and feel of the garage, making it reliable and safe. The client sighed with satisfaction at the updated door, which not only met their needs but also added value to their home. This project shows our dedication to providing great garage door installation services.

Caring for your home is crucial, and your garage plays a vital role in it. Opting for a steel garage door can bring several benefits, significantly enhancing the overall look of your garage. This upgrade not only refreshes the appearance but also adds to the functionality and security of your home.

The Advantages of a New Steel Garage Door Installation

When you are thinking about a new garage door, why not consider a steel one? Let us break down the benefits of choosing a steel garage door for your next installation:

• Boosted Curb Appeal: Ever wanted your home to stand out in the neighborhood? A steel garage door can do just that. New garage doors come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. They can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to visitors or buyers.

• Increased Home Value: Thinking about the future resale value of your home? Installing a new, modern steel garage door can make a difference. In fact, it is one of the home improvements with the highest return on investment. That means when you spend on a new door, you are likely to get more back if you ever sell your home.

• Enhanced Security: Who does not want their home to be safer? New steel garage doors often come with advanced security features like coded keypads and smart technology. These features help protect your home from break-ins, giving you peace of mind.

• Low Maintenance: Compared to other types, steel garage doors usually need less upkeep and repairs. Plus, they usually come with warranties, making them a hassle-free choice in the long run.

• Quiet Operation: Want to keep the noise down? Newer steel garage doors, when paired with newer openers, tend to operate more quietly compared to older ones. That means less noise disturbance for you and your neighbors, making your comings and goings more peaceful.

So, when you weigh the garage door cost and installation of a steel garage door, remember these advantages. A steel garage door is not just a purchase. It is an investment in your home’s aesthetics, safety, and value.

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Are you worried about the safety of your home or tired of dealing with a garage door that does not work right? It is time for an upgrade! Fixxed Garage Doors provides smooth garage door replacement that improves your home’s aesthetics and safety. Our selection includes top-quality options like Clopay’s classic steel designs, known for their durability and low maintenance needs. You can count on our expertise to solve your garage door issues effectively. Protect your home with a reliable, stylish garage door. Contact Fixxed Garage Doors today to get your free quotes on garage door cost and installation. 


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