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Garage Door Track Replacement Burbank

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Project Description

In Burbank, California, a homeowner had hit the garage door with a lawnmower and now had a bent and twisted garage door track. They tried to deal with it on their own by using a pipe wrench, thinking they could get it back in shape. However, this DIY fix only made things worse. To prevent further damage, they called Fixxed Garage Doors for help. Upon closer inspection, our technician discovered that the damaged track was beyond repair. Besides the visible dents, it made the door and track out of alignment. Our technician explained that the best and most cost-effective solution is through a garage door track replacement.

Upon the client’s approval, we carefully removed the damaged tracks and positioned the new ones in place. After a few tests, the garage door was running perfectly again. Our expert’s quick and affordable garage door repair made the client extremely satisfied.

Basically, the garage door tracks are like the road that your door follows as it opens and closes. Usually made of metal, installers fastened these tracks to the walls of the garage. It gives the door’s rollers a way to move easily. In good condition, these tracks help the door work right by keeping it straight and stopping it from going off track. However, broken or misaligned tracks can mess up the whole process and cause the door to stick, jam, or even get stuck. Thus, it is very important to keep these tracks in good shape so that your garage door works smoothly.

How to Tell if Your Garage Door Tracks Need a Replacement

Here are some signs that it might be time to replace your garage door tracks:

1. Visible Damage: Dents, bends, or twisting in the tracks are clear signs of major damage that could make it hard for the door to move.

2. Opening and Closing Problems: If the door jerks or gets stuck when opening or closing, it could mean that the tracks got broken or not in the right place.

3. Uneven Movement: The door may look imbalanced or move oddly along the tracks, which could mean that the tracks need to be replaced.

4. Excessive Noises: If you hear grinding, scraping, or popping sounds when opening or closing the door, broken tracks are the common culprit.

5. Clearly Visible Wear and Tear: If the tracks have deep scratches, wear marks, or other signs of heavy use, you might want to think about getting new ones.

6. Repeated Repairs: If you have to fix or repair the tracks often because of unresolved problems, it might be cheaper just to get new ones.

If you fix these issues right away, you can keep your garage door system from getting worse and keep it running smoothly and safely.

Garage Door Tracks Near Me

Are you looking for a smooth garage door track replacement? Fixxed Garage Doors is the only place you need to go! Installation of new garage door tracks is what our skilled team does best so your door will work seamlessly and efficiently. Say goodbye to painful jams and jerky movements. Fixxed Garage Doors will give you great service at a fraction of the cost. Get in touch with us right away to schedule a quick and easy track replacement that will keep your garage door running like new. 

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