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Garage Door Sensor Replacement Burbank

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Project Description

A homeowner in the quiet town of Burbank, CA, kept having problems with their garage door, which became a daily hassle. Every time they tried to close it, the door moved in reverse motion before it hit the ground. The blinking lights on the door opener became a clear sign the sensors were not working. To fix the problem, they called us at Fixxed Garage Doors because of our outstanding reputation in garage door services. We responded quickly and sent a skilled expert to see what was going on. After a careful look, our expert was able to confirm that the sensors were at fault. Our experts recommended a garage door sensor replacement. We swapped out the old sensors for new, better ones. With the new sensors in place, we got the garage door working again, giving the homeowner peace of mind.

Do you have a garage at home? It is essential to ensure the door is always safe. Given its weight, a malfunction could be dangerous. With garage door sensors, you can add an extra layer of safety that could keep people from getting hurt. It is a simple step to keep everyone safe. 

Why Do You Need to Have a Garage Door Safety Sensor?

Having a garage door sensor gives homeowners safety, convenience, and security all at the same time. Below, we listed a few of the most important reasons you should have these sensors.

• Increased safety: Garage door sensors pick up on things in the door’s path. If someone, especially a child or pet, is in the way of a closing door, the sensor tells the door to go back up, keeping people safe.

• Protection of Property: Sensors help keep cars, bikes, and other things that might be in the way of getting damaged by stopping the door from closing on them when they find something in the way.

• Increased peace of mind: Homeowners can feel better knowing that the chance of getting hurt or causing damage by mistake with their garage door is much lower.

• Savings on maintenance: If the door does not slam down hard on something, its owner will not have to pay to fix any damage to the door or its parts.

• Compliance with the law: In some places, garage door sensors are required by law to ensure that new garage door setups meet safety standards.

• Added security: Some sensors can tell if someone is trying to mess with or forcefully open the garage door. It gives the home an extra layer of protection.

Given these factors, a garage door sensor is more than just a cost. It is a need that significantly improves the safety, security, and convenience of modern garages. Keep these sensors in good shape for the smooth running of your garage door and to avoid accidents. A faulty sensor can pose serious risks and make a simple garage task dangerous. So why take chances? Give it a shot.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Is your garage door behaving erratically or not closing properly? It could be a sign of a faulty garage door sensor. For a reliable garage door sensor replacement in Burbank, CA, call Fixxed Garage Doors right away. Our seasoned technicians have the skills and knowledge to ensure these sensors work perfectly, making your garage safe again. Remember that the safety of your family is most important. At Fixxed Garage Doors, we will keep your garage safe, efficient, and accident-free. So do not settle for less than the best. Call us and keep your peace inside.

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