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Project Description

A homeowner called Fixxed Garage Doors for a garage door repair job in Sherman Oaks, CA. Their door had become a source of frustration because it wobbled, made a lot of noise, and was hard to open. Our skilled techs got there quickly to check what was going on. Upon checking, we found the rollers mostly broken because they used weak types of plastic. We explained this to the client and discussed the benefits of switching to nylon rollers. Compared to plastic ones, they last longer and work better. The homeowner wanted a solution that would last, so they went for an upgrade. 

With the homeowner's approval, we replaced the broken ones with durable, quiet nylon rollers. It was amazing to see how things changed. The garage door, which used to be shaky and noisy, now moved smoothly along its tracks. It opened and closed with a silent whisper motion that can stand up to 100,000 cycles. In no time, we completed another successful job, which left them with a smooth and quiet garage door.

It is easy to take your garage door for granted, but keeping your home safe and easy to use is important. But if something goes wrong with it, that can be a huge inconvenience. Parts of your garage door, such as the rollers, may need to be changed from time to time to keep it working well.

The Role of Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are small but strong parts that help your garage door move along its tracks. Usually connected to the sides of the door panels, these rollers move along the tracks to move the door. Without the rollers, your garage door would move in a jerky, loud, and dangerous way.

The Importance of Garage Door Rollers in Smooth Operation

• Reduced Friction: Garage door rollers reduce the friction between the door panels and the tracks. Because there is less friction, your garage door opens and closes easily, and the opener and other parts do not have to work too hard.

• Noise Reduction: High-quality rollers make the process much quieter. Rollers that glide along the tracks make less noise than old or broken rollers that can make scraping or grinding noises.

• Longevity: If you keep your rollers in good shape, you extend the life of your entire garage door system. It prevents parts from wearing out too quickly by evenly dividing the door's weight and avoiding unnecessary stress.

Signs That You Need to Get New Rollers

If you can tell when your garage door rollers are not right, you can stop bigger problems from happening in the future. Here are some signs to look out for:

Excessive Noise

If your garage door makes loud, annoying noises when it opens and closes, usually it is because of worn rollers or lack of lubrication.

Uneven Movement

If your garage door jerks, wobbles, or moves unevenly along its tracks, it is probably because the rollers are not operating right. It will not only change how the door works, but it can also put pressure on the opener.

Resistance When Opening or Closing

If you notice that opening or closing your garage door by hand is getting harder, the rollers may have trouble moving smoothly along the tracks.

Visible Damage 

Rollers that are cracked, chipped, or otherwise clearly damaged need to be replaced. If your rollers are broken, the door will not work right and may harm the tracks.


Garage door rollers are key to ensuring your garage door works smoothly and efficiently. So, to avoid bigger issues and keep your garage door system safe, it is important to check, repair, and replace worn-out rollers. If you see any signs that your rollers might be broken, it is best to call a licensed garage door technician to fix the problem quickly and effectively.

Garage Door Service Near Me

Are you ready to experience the difference a smoothly performing residential garage door can make? Do not let broken or worn-out rollers on your garage door slow you down. Choose Fixxed Garage Doors for expert roller replacement and see how your garage door's performance changes. Our skilled technicians know how all the parts of a garage door system work together and are ready to offer the best options. Fixxed Garage Doors is your trusted partner in keeping your garage door safe, working well, and giving you no trouble. We are committed to perfection and client satisfaction. Contact us today for a professional garage door repair that stands the test of time.


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