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Project Description

A homeowner in North Hollywood, CA, contacted us for garage door repair after their garage door refused to close. We found that both cables had come off from their drums, and there was some fraying on the cable due to wear and tear. We recommended replacing both cables with new and stronger ones, and the client agreed. Garage door cable replacement was so routine for us that we finished the job in under an hour. Our quick response and prompt repair impressed the client, so they hired us for their garage door opener upgrade project.

The cables in your garage door help tremendously in supporting the door's massive weight. In addition, they work with other parts so that the door can open or close smoothly. At Fixxed Garage Doors, one of the most common problems clients have reported is the cables coming off the drum or pulley. 

What Do Garage Door Cables Come Off?

Cables falling off their pulleys or drums is a common garage door issue with typically two causes: user error or damage to the cable. Slack within your garage door cable is the leading cause of the cable coming off the drum. It can be caused by poor installation or user error. Not tightening the cables around the drum can result in the slack and, eventually, the cable slipping off during the operation of the door.

Another common cause of broken garage door cables is fraying. As the cable ages, it weakens and snaps, putting strain on the rest of the door. Corrosion can also have an impact on your garage door cables. Moisture and poor upkeep lead to excessive corrosion. Friction from another part of the door is also a common culprit. When the cable rubs against another metal part, it can cause fraying or snapping. 

Many other factors can contribute to problems with your garage door. And when one part fails, it strains the other parts and can cause additional damage. Therefore, maintaining all the parts on your garage door, including the cables, is important to avoid more serious problems. It surely pays to know the signs to look out for that indicate your cables have a problem.

Symptoms of a Garage Door Cable Failure

It is crucial to know how to tell whether or not your garage door needs cable repairs. The best way to know this is by inspecting it closely and listening for strange noises. By doing these two simple things, you will be able to gather much information about the condition of your garage door.

Indications of a Frayed or Broken Garage Door Cable

  • Corroded or fraying cableBad door alignment
  • When opening and closing, the door feels heavier
  • Hanging cable or wire from the door
  • Opening the door produces a screeching or scratching noise
  • Jarring noise when opening the door

    Before you try to make repairs yourself, you must contact a garage door repair company. Different parts of the garage door work together to open and close it. Without experience, it is easy to accidentally damage the garage door cables or other vital components when you try to fix an issue.

    Garage Door Repair Near Me

    Fixxed Garage Doors is your one-stop shop for garage door repair and  garage door replacement. We offer the best services in Studio City and Burbank areas, including garage door cable replacement and garage door opener repair. Our skilled expert professionals are specialists in all garage door repair and replacement aspects, so you can rest assured that your repairs will be completed right the first time. So call us today and get free estimates of our services!

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