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Project Description

This Glendale, California, homeowner was about to leave for work when they noticed their garage door was going slower than usual. They called Fixxed Garage Doors, a trusted garage door repair expert in the city. Our team arrived on time and quickly found out what was wrong: worn rollers, rusty sleeves, and bent hinges. That was why the garage door became noisy and moved in jerky ways. We went ahead with the repair by taking out the damaged rollers and hinges. Then we replaced them with steel rollers and high-grade hinges that would last longer. We tested the door following the garage door roller replacement. With the new rollers in place, the garage door worked as if it were brand new. The client was truly happy with the outcome and praised us for our efficient and reliable service.

When we think about garage doors, we often think about the opener, the springs, and how the door works. However, the garage door rollers are a key part that needs more attention. Did you know that the smooth working of your garage door depends on these little rollers? Let us discuss how important these rollers are, how often you need to replace them, and some important maintenance tips.

What Garage Door Rollers Do

Garage door rollers help the door move up and down smoothly along its tracks. They support the door’s weight, making it easy for users to open and close their garage doors by hand or with an automatic opener. Properly working rollers reduce friction and stress on other parts of the garage door system.

How Often Should You Replace Garage Door Rollers

How long garage door rollers last depends on their material and how often you use the garage door. Steel rollers may wear out faster due to pressure, while nylon rollers usually last longer. The recommended interval for replacing garage door rollers is every 5-7 years. However, if you see signs of wear and tear, like squeaking, shaking, or trouble opening and closing, it is best to have them checked and changed sooner.

Signs To Call for Garage Door Roller Replacement Service

• Noise: If your garage door makes loud, creaking noises when it moves, it could be because of worn-out rollers.

• Misalignment: Broken rollers could be to blame if the door seems crooked or not lined up properly on the tracks.

• Difficulty in opening or closing: If your garage door is getting harder to open or close, it could mean that the rollers need to be fixed.

How to Take Care of Garage Door Rollers

• Regular Cleaning: Dirt and other debris could get in through the door’s hardware, including the rollers. Always clean the rollers and tracks to remove the dirt buildup and ensure smooth operation.

• Lubrication: Use a silicone-based lube on the rollers and tracks every six months. That will reduce friction and ensure the door works with ease.

• Visual Inspection: Check the rollers regularly for signs of wear, cracks, or damage. Replace any broken rollers right away to avoid more problems.

• Professional Tune-Up: For the best performance, schedule a tune-up service from pros to check all parts, including the rollers, and fix them when needed.


Even though garage door rollers are small, they play a big part in how well your garage door works. If you know how important they are and take care of them properly, you can ensure your garage door works smoothly and quietly for a longer time. To keep your garage door safe and working for years, always perform a routine check and replace them as soon as possible. Remember that a little care for these crucial parts can go a long way.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Are your garage door rollers making noises, shaking, or making it hard to open and close? Do not let these issues stop your garage door from working well. Fixxed Garage Doors offers the best garage door roller replacement services. Our licensed technician can check your garage door, give you professional advice, and restore it with precision and care. Experience the difference with Fixxed Garage Doors and enjoy peace of mind with an easy, stress-free operation. Call us to book a garage door repair service today and get the best fix you deserve.

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