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Garage Door Repair Valley Village

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Project Description

A homeowner in Valley Village, California, had trouble with their garage door. It had been making strange noises and moving slowly, so the owner wanted to fix it before it broke down completely. After reaching out to repair companies nearby, the client called Fixxed Garage Doors and booked a garage door repair service. When we arrived, our technicians quickly found the problem. One of the cables on the garage door had snapped. It threw off the door's balance and put stress on the motor. Upon getting a fair estimate, the client approved the cable replacement. We disconnected the garage door from the opener and secured it for safety. Then, we carefully removed the frayed cables and installed new ones on both sides of the door. We adjusted its tension and made sure it was tight enough. We tested everything to check if the door worked again in perfect balance. The door went up and down without making any strange sounds or showing signs of strain. The way things worked out made our client very happy.

The garage door system is not complete without garage door cables. In fact, you can easily open and close your garage door with the help of these steel cables and springs. Their main job is to hold up the door's weight and help the springs balance it out. Made of high-strength steel to withstand the high load and tension they experience. But over time, constant use, age, or other things can cause them to wear out, fray, or even break. When wires get damaged or break, they can throw the garage door out of balance, make it hard to use, or even put people's lives at risk.

Therefore, garage door cables need to be checked and maintained regularly. If the cables break or wear out, you must fix or replace them immediately. Doing so will result in a smoother and safer operation of the garage door system.

Signs of a Broken Garage Door Cable

Homeowners need to know the signs of a problem with their garage door cables to fix it quickly and stop further damage. Here are some usual signs that you might have a cable in your garage door broken:

Uneven Movement 

If your garage door moves unevenly or seems to sag on one side, it may be because of a cable problem. The door may become misaligned and function improperly if the cables are unbalanced.

Noisy operation

If the garage door makes much noise when it opens or closes, it could be because of a cable problem. If the cables are old or not lined up right, they can make the door grind, scrape, or rattle as it moves.

Snapped or Frayed Cables 

Look for signs of damage on the garage door cables. If you see fraying, unraveling, or a fully broken cable, it is clear that you need to replace the cables.

Loose or Hanging Cables

Check to see if any of the cables are dangling loosely or seem to be out of place. Loose or slack cables can make it hard for the garage door to work properly, and you may need to tighten or replace them.

Slow or Sluggish Movements

If your garage door moves more slowly than normal or seems to struggle to open or close, this could be a sign that the cables need to be fixed. Damaged or worn-out cables can make the door move slowly and less smoothly.

Cables Off the Drum

If you notice that one or both cables have come off the drum, there is a problem. It can throw off the alignment of the garage door, making it hard or impossible to open or close. 

If you notice any of these things, we advise you to call a certified garage door technician to inspect and fix the cable. They have the skills and knowledge to diagnose the problem accurately. They can also make the necessary repairs or changes to ensure your garage door works safely and smoothly again.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Are you tired of dealing with a faulty garage door cable that risks your safety? Worry no more. Fixxed Garage Doors is the best residential garage door repair company you can trust. Our licensed technicians are experts in various services, including the installation of cables and garage door springs. With our wide range of quality replacement parts, you can be sure your garage door will be safe and secure for a long time. Our team is well-trained and equipped to ensure that we deliver quick and efficient garage door repair service. Contact us today for all your garage door needs and get a free estimate.


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