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Garage Door Opener Valley Village

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Project Description

A homeowner in Valley Village, CA, wanted to upgrade to a Chamberlain B6713T opener model because of its modern features. It has a sleek new design and superior lighting. It also has a battery backup and built-in Wi-Fi that would let them maximize the value of their garage. Excited about this project, they called Fixxed Garage Doors to install the new garage door opener. Our team came to look at how the old unit was set up. After learning their old rails would not work with a new opener, we did a total replacement.

In no time, we removed the old opener, including the rails, damaging nothing. Then, we placed and fastened the new rails, ensuring the opener would run without a hitch. After securing the rails, we installed and programmed the new smart opener. 

We also did a product demo, and with the push of a button, the new opener made it easy to lift the garage door. That proved that we did the job well. The client was beyond grateful for this installation. This shift made their garage access easier and faster—in a snap.

As we move into a time when smart homes are no longer a luxury but the norm, you might wonder, “Is my old garage door opener still useful?” Many people have not changed this part of their homes in years if not decades. So here is why getting a modern garage door opener is about more than keeping up with trends. It is about efficiency, safety, and convenience.

The Advantages of Modern Garage Door Openers

Safety and Security

• Traditional Openers: Often, these did not have updated safety features. Their primary job was opening and closing the door, sometimes leading to accidents. Sadly, it can trap items inside or crash on pets and children.

• Modern Openers: These include safety sensors as standard features. The door stops and reverses its action if it detects an obstruction. Thus, having sensors reduces the risk of crashes or injuries.

Operation Security

• Traditional Openers: Since they used fixed codes, intruders could intercept or copy them, presenting a security risk.

• Modern Openers: With rolling code technology, the opener will give you a new code every time you use the garage door. Thus, it makes it almost impossible for someone to copy the code and get an entry without permission.

• Backup batteries: Losing power can be annoying, especially if you cannot get into or out of your garage. Modern openers often come with backup batteries so you can get in and out of your garage quickly, even if the power goes out.

Power and Efficiency

• Traditional Openers: Older models do not always have power-saving features. That means they would always use electricity, even when not in use.

• Modern Openers: These openers have LED lights, making them brighter and using less energy. That means savings because LED lights last longer than traditional lights.

Convenience & Connectivity

• Traditional openers: Old openers had a limited range for their remote keys, and losing the remote could be a pain.

• Modern Openers: With newer models, you can open the door from afar using a computer or smartphone connected to an internet network. Some even work with smart home systems. So you can use your voice or set up a program to turn off the house lights when the garage is closed.


Traditional garage door openers have worked well in the past, but it is hard to ignore how far they have come in recent years. Upgrading to a modern garage door opener is more than just a treat for a modern homeowner; it is also a smart choice.

Garage Door Opener Installation Near Me

Are you still struggling with that old, problematic garage door opener? Fixxed Garage Doors will make your garage safer and more useful with a new smart opener. As the leading experts in garage door opener installation, we proudly suggest the Chamberlain garage door opener for its superior performance and reliability.

If you can get the best, do not settle for less. Choose Fixxed Garage Doors to get the best garage door services and technology. Call us today to request a free estimate

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