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Garage Door Opener North Hollywood

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Project Description

A homeowner in North Hollywood, California, had problems with their garage door opener. Tired of the loud, broken device, they called Fixxed Garage Doors for help. When we looked at the opener, we saw the chain hanging loose. The chain had been under much stress, which had made it weaker with time. We checked the opener's sprocket and internal gears. Sadly, the sprocket and gear assembly were irreparably broken. With years of use, they have worn down the parts where they can no longer turn the chain and move the door.

We got to work right away, carefully removing the old and damaged parts. Then, we replaced it with a brand-new opener chain and adjusted it to the right tension. Next, we changed the broken sprocket and internal gears with high-quality parts to ensure they worked properly. After we checked everything, we tested the opener, and the client was in awe of the result. Their door could run smoothly with a button press, indicating our successful garage door opener repair. They thanked us for coming right away, being experts, and fixing the problem in time. 

Chain drive garage door openers use a metal chain to open and close the door. With the right tension, this chain allows the door's smooth motion. On the other hand, problems will start to happen if the chain comes loose. 

It is hard to tell if the garage door chain needs fixing or replacing. Yet, if your door is hard to open or close, that is a sign of a problem with your chain. A broken or loose chain is not only annoying; it can be dangerous, too. So you must fix or replace it to get your garage door to work properly. But why do the garage door opener chains become loose or damaged?

What Is the Cause of a Loose Garage Door Chain?

Several things can cause a garage door chain to be loose. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Loose Chain Tension 

Over time, normal use may cause the tension in the garage door chain to get looser. Make sure to tighten the chain properly to keep it working. The chain may slide or become out of alignment if the tension is too loose.

Worn or Broken Parts

The garage door chain has different parts from the chain itself, sprockets, and other gear. A loose chain can happen if these parts wear out or break. For example, an old chain might stretch, causing it to slack.

Misaligned Tracks 

The garage door moves on a set of tracks, and if the tracks get out of line, it can affect how the chain is stretched and lined up. If the tracks are not aligned right, the chain can get stuck or slip, leading to a loose chain.

Wrong Spring Tension

The torsion springs on a garage door system help balance the door's weight, making it easier for the opener to raise and lower the door. If the torsion spring tension is too high, it can put too much pressure on the opener motor, chain, and gears. It can speed up wearing out on these parts, which could cause them to break down early.

Lack of Maintenance

The garage door system must be regularly cleaned to keep working well. The chain can loosen if it is not properly greased or if you ignore upkeep. If the chain on your garage door is loose, you should talk to a licensed garage door technician. They will have the skills and knowledge to determine and repair what is wrong. Professionals should do it because it is safer and more effective.

Garage Door Opener Repair Near Me

Do you have a faulty garage door opener? Do not get upset. Fixxed Garage Doors can fix the problem quickly. Our garage door repair experts have much knowledge and use the latest tools to do the jobs. Fixxed Garage Doors can quickly repair, replace, or install a new garage door opener. Call us now to get free estimates on all your garage door needs.

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