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Garage Door Maintenance Sherman Oaks

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Project Description

Fixxed Garage Doors recently completed an overdue garage door maintenance project in Sherman Oaks, CA. The client reported slow door movement and noisy operation. Upon careful inspection, our team found the primary cause of the said garage door issues. It was the lack of lubrication on the door hardware.

Scope of the Garage Door Maintenance Project

In order to fix the problem, our skilled experts carefully carried out the steps below:


Our team started by assessing the current state of the garage door system, focusing on the roller hinges. Upon closer look, we found severe signs of damage on the hardware. The garage door hinges have visible cracks, and we also found heavy rust on its rollers, which called for a replacement.


We took the right safety measures to protect both our experts and the client’s property. To keep the garage door from opening by mistake as we worked on it, we first unplugged the garage door opener from its power source.

Cleaning and Replacement

We cleaned the tracks and the area around it to remove any accumulated dirt, grime, or debris that hindered the garage door’s smooth operation. Then, we replaced all the worn parts with durable galvanized steel hinges and new rollers that would last years. We secured each piece of hardware and fastened it just right. 

Application of Lubrication

Our technicians used a special type of lubricant made just for garage door systems to coat each roller and hinge with just the right amount of grease. We lubed them properly to allow for smooth movement, which is an essential part of the maintenance process.

Testing and Adjustments

After lubrication, our technicians tested the garage door. This step is crucial to see how well the new rollers and hinges improved the door’s movement. To get the best performance and the least amount of noise, we made further changes to the door’s balance and spring’s tension.

Client Education and Maintenance Tips

Upon completion of the maintenance task, our team provided the client with valuable insights and tips on how to keep the garage door running for years. We stressed the importance of regular lubrication and periodic maintenance to prevent future issues and ensure optimal functionality.

With this maintenance job, our team fixed a slow and noisy garage door for a client in Sherman Oaks, CA. Fixxed Garage Doors did this with careful attention to detail, proper diagnostics, and expert work. Every job we do shows how dedicated we are to providing excellent service and going above and beyond what our clients expect.

Garage Door Service Near Me

Is your garage door system running as smoothly as it should? Keeping your garage door in peak condition does not have to be a tough task. At Fixxed Garage Doors, we understand the importance of ongoing care to ensure your door operates smoothly and lasts longer. That is why we committed ourselves to making routine maintenance easy and stress-free for you. From full inspections to precise adjustments, we offer a variety of services, like parts replacement, and use premium lubrication to keep the doors running flawlessly. 

So save yourselves from future unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs down the road. Trust Fixxed Garage Doors to provide reliable and comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us to schedule your routine maintenance service appointment today, and relax knowing your garage door is in expert hands.

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