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Garage Door Cable Replacement Burbank

Project Description

In Burbank, California, an abrupt, harsh noise coming from the garage startled this homeowner. They checked it and saw that their garage door was hanging unevenly because the torsion cable had broken. They knew that fixing such a heavy, tension-strung mechanism would be dangerous. So, they did not think twice about calling Fixxed Garage Doors for a garage door cable replacement job. 

Our team responded quickly and came with all the tools and parts they needed. We fixed the problem by replacing both cables with stronger ones suitable for the garage door size. After calibrating its tension, we restored the door to its original balance and functionality. We also lubricated all the moving parts to improve the door’s performance. Thanks to the team’s speed and expertise, we resolved a possibly dangerous situation. Their home was safe again, and they were very pleased with the service. 

The Vital Role of Garage Door Cables

The door’s counterbalance system, which includes springs and pulleys, includes garage door cables as a crucial part. Together, they move the heavy door up and down safely and easily. As it moves, the cables support its full weight, ensuring it opens evenly and stays level. If a cable breaks, the door might lose balance, which could be dangerous. It might cause the door to fall and hurt someone or damage something. 

Also, garage door mechanisms last longer when garage cables are intact and properly tensioned. They keep the tracks, rollers, and garage door openers from being overworked. That shows how important these cables are to the safety and usefulness of garage door systems. Without them, the automated system would not work, making manual operation difficult and dangerous.

Checking Garage Door Cables Before They Break

Regular inspections and recognizing key signs will help you repair garage door cables before they break:

• Fraying: Wear and tear can cause cable fraying. If cable strands come apart, they weaken and need to be replaced.

• Rust: Check rust and corrosion on cables. Corrosion weakens metal and increases the risk of cable snapping.

• Wear Marks: Check cables for wear or stress, especially where they touch pulleys.

• Loose Cables: If cables are loose, they are either stretched or worn, which could cause failure.

• Movement Problems: If the garage door is tough to open or close or sometimes gets stuck, it is a sign that you have worn-out cables. 

• Strange Sounds: Listen for strange sounds like grinding or squeaking when the door is open and closed. That could mean that the cables are having a hard time supporting the door’s weight.

• Damaged Coating: If the metal covering on the cables breaks or peels off, it may expose the metal inside to the weather and be more likely to get damaged.

If you notice any of these danger signs on your garage door cables, you should have a professional check them out right away. A garage door cable replacement done on time will help you avoid the risks and problems of a broken cable.

Garage Door Cable Repair Near Me

Do broken cables cause your garage door grief? Look no further, Burbank residents! Discover what makes Fixxed Garage Doors unique. We do more than fix doors; we want to give you peace of mind. When you choose our garage door repair services, you choose a team that cares about your time and safety. The service we provide will be top-notch and personalized. Get in touch with us to become one of our satisfied clients.


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