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One key component of your garage door that contributes to its safety is the garage door sensor. Your family’s safety is of utmost importance, which is why you must ensure that every area of your home is free from dangers. Your garage door is one of the most used parts of your home and thus plays an important role in keeping your property safe. A malfunctioning sensor can cause various problems, including preventing your door from opening or closing properly. Because the sensor system is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of your garage door, it must remain in good working condition. So, how can you tell when a sensor is failing? Read on for some signs to look out for.

Signs That Your Garage Door Sensor Is Not Working

The garage door is not closing

It could be a sensor issue if your garage door refuses to close, even though nothing is blocking it. Another sign of a sensor problem is when your garage door does open but will not close. Other times, the door will go down the tracks only to reverse open when it hits the floor. If you think you have a malfunctioning sensor, the first thing to do is figure out what is causing the problem. Perform the cardboard box test to do so. Put two cardboard boxes over 6 inches tall on the floor directly under the garage door’s path. If the garage door continues to descend and hits the boxes, you must fix the sensors.

The garage door sensor lights are off or blinking

A green light on the receiving sensor indicates that your garage door opener is functioning properly. In addition, it indicates that nothing obstructs the path of infrared beams between transmitting and receiving photo eyes. However, your opener system may need to be corrected if one LED blinks while the other remains steady. It usually means that their alignment is off. Additionally, sun interference can sometimes occur with these sensors. To prevent this, you should install safety sensor sun shields.

What Causes Garage Door Sensor to Stop Working?

Reason #1: The garage door sensor is obstructed by dirt

The lenses on your garage door sensor will collect dust over time. This buildup of grime and dirt will eventually impair its capacity to function properly. To keep it in good working condition, wipe down these lenses with a soft cloth to remove any collected dust or moisture. Additionally, too much humidity or exposure to lawn sprinklers can damage them. And when they freeze over in the winter, they can stop functioning completely. Once you have cleaned your garage door sensors, test their functionality by repeating the cardboard box test.

Reason #2: Damaged wiring

One of the most common problems with garage door sensors is damage to the wires. It can be caused by several things, such as breaking or twisting connections, an incorrect connection of cables, or simply old and frayed wires.

To fix this problem, first, check your wiring for any damage. You may need to replace some of the wires or connections. Alternatively, you can repair them by soldering or taping them back together. Once you have fixed or replaced damaged parts, test the sensor to see if it works properly.

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