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There are a few important things that you should know about garage door safety. One of these essential features is the garage door sensors. These sensors help prevent accidents and keep you safe each time you use the garage door. They work by telling the door to stop or go back if something or someone is in the way. In this blog, we will explore why these sensors are so important and how they work within a garage door system.

Why Garage Door Sensors Are Important

We cannot say enough about how important garage door sensors are. But what we are sure of is that they are a reliable way to prevent crashes and injuries. Having them in place can stop accidents and protect us from harm. Here is why you need to install these sensors:

Avoid Entrapment

Garage doors are big, heavy things that can hurt people or break things very badly if they close on them. When a garage door closes, safety sensors look for anything in its way and tell the door to stop or reverse its motion.

Guaranteed Safety for Kids and Pets

Pets and kids are too curious. Sometimes, they may wander too close to a closing garage door without realizing it. Safety sensors will ensure the door stops before it gets too close to your little ones and furry friends.

A technician adjusting garage door sensors

Protection Against Impact

It can get damaged if an object or car hits a garage door. When safety sensors see something in the door’s way, they stop the door from moving. It keeps the door, the car, or any other things in its way from getting damaged.

Enhanced Safety

Safety sensors add a layer of security to the garage door by detecting any break-in attempts. If something or someone triggers the sensors, the door will stop and reverse as it closes. The latest safety sensors will alert you to a possible intrusion.

How Do Garage Door Sensors Work?

The main parts of most garage door safety devices are a transmitter and a receiver. They work together to find obstacles in the way of the garage door by using an invisible beam of light. Here is how they work:

Sending out an IR beam

The transmitter unit sends a beam of infrared light to the receiver unit, placed on the opposite side. Most of the time, sensors are put in a safe spot near the floor. This beam makes an invisible monitoring zone.

Monitoring the beam

The receiving unit constantly watches the infrared beam. When the beam is not broken, the garage doorway is clear.

Identifying obstructions

The infrared beam is broken if an item, person, or pet walks in front of the garage door as it closes. The receiver unit immediately signals the garage door opener to stop or go backward.

Test Your Garage Door Sensors

Most modern garage door systems have a test button or feature that lets users see if the safety sensors work. Regularly testing these sensors gives you peace of mind that they work properly.


Garage door safety sensors are an important part of any garage door system. They look out for people’s life and property. Their ability to find obstructions and quickly stop the door helps prevent injuries and property damage. As a responsible homeowner, you must keep them in good shape with regular maintenance. Doing so can make your home safer for your family, pets, and guests. As a result, you can enjoy the convenience and protection of your garage.

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