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When it comes to the safety of your home, garage door safety features are of utmost importance. Your garage door provides access to your home. It is also a crucial line of defense against potential hazards. The latest garage door models come with a variety of essential safety features. It ensures the safety of your family and property.

In this blog, we will talk about these essential garage door safety features that every homeowner should know. We will discuss how auto-reverse functions and motion detectors work. We will also explain why these features are essential for maintaining a secure and safe home environment. Whether you are considering installing a new garage door or want to upgrade your existing one, read on to discover the importance of these garage door safety features. They can contribute to your peace of mind.

Essential Garage Door Safety Features for Your Home

Auto-Reverse Function

This function is an important safety tool. Most new garage doors have this feature. Its primary job is to keep crashes and injuries from happening. When the door hits something, it quickly changes its direction to avoid hitting it.

The automatic reverse feature uses sensors or pressure-sensitive devices to work when the garage door is closing. It finds any barriers or things that are in its way. On most doors, you will find these sensors near the bottom of the door on both sides. If there is someone or something in the way, the sensors will quickly send a signal to the garage door opener. The signal will tell the opener to stop the door and reverse its direction.

To ensure your garage door is functioning properly, you must regularly test the auto-reverse feature. Most garage door openers have a simple test feature. It lets you check if the auto-reverse function works as it should. Perform this test from time to time, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. This way, you can see if the sensor’s auto-reverse feature is working and reliable.

Photoelectric Sensors or Photo Eye Sensor

Photoelectric sensors, also known as safety eyes, are a key part of modern garage door safety features. Typically, you install these sensors on either side near the bottom of the garage door tracks. They function in pairs, with one sensor emitting an invisible light beam and the other sensor receiving it.

When the garage door is closing, photoelectric sensors detect things that are in the way. If an object is blocking the way of the light beam, the sensors will send a signal to the garage door opener right away. This signal stops the door’s movement and reverses its direction.

Manual Release Handle

One of the key garage door safety features is the manual release handle. It gives you a way to open the door by hand. That comes in handy when the power goes out. It is also helpful when garage door openers stop working. Usually, it is a red cord or a handle that hangs from the garage door opener’s rail. It ensures that you can still use your garage and secure it even without power.

An opener unit with garage door safety features

The manual release handle is not just useful in an emergency. You can also use it during maintenance or repair work on the garage door system. You can easily work on the door if you take it away from the opener. It lowers the chance of turning it on by mistake.

Using the release handle to open and close the garage door by hand takes some physical work. That is because the weight of the door will have to be held and managed by hand. So, be extra cautious when doing this to avoid any possible injuries or crashes.

Garage Door Opener Rolling Code System

Modern garage door systems have a complex safety function using rolling code technology. It keeps thieves from getting your garage door key code and using it on their own. With rolling code technology, you get a new code every time you press the opener’s remote to open or close the garage door. Both the garage door opener and the remote send and receive this code. That almost makes it impossible for crooks to intercept the signal and copy it.

As expected, only your remote must work with your garage door opener. However, some techy neighbors might be able to pick up your remote’s signal. Since the rolling code function has already changed the code, they will not be able to use it to open your garage door. That makes it much less likely that someone else will get in without your permission.

This advanced safety feature of your garage door provides you with peace of mind. It prevents possible burglars from accessing your home through your garage. Plus, it gives another layer of security to your property and thus keeps your belongings safe and sound.

Battery Backup

A battery backup system is another useful feature to consider. An opener with a battery backup makes things so much easier and safer. With this feature, your garage door opener keeps working even if the power goes out. That means you can still get in and out of the door, even if there is no electricity. 

Safety Cable

For garage doors with extension springs, a safety cable is a must-have feature. If a spring breaks, the safety cable will prevent it from flying across the garage and causing damage or injury. This feature is essential in maintaining the safe operation of your garage door.

Timer for Closing

A garage door with a timer-to-close feature is very useful. This feature sets the garage door to close itself after a certain amount of time. It is helpful if you often forget to close the garage door when you leave or go to bed.

A LiftMaster opener and wall switch

Make Your Home a Safer Place with Fixxed Garage Doors

Garage door safety features are essential to the security and safety of your home. By incorporating these features into your garage door system, you can ensure a safer and more secure environment for you and your family. If you need help installing these features or have questions about garage door safety, call a professional garage door service like Fixxed Garage Doors. We have the expertise and experience to help you make the most of your garage door safety features.

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