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Beyond just being convenient, your garage door is an important line of defense during hurricanes. Have you ever thought about how this seemingly normal feature can become a stronghold against nature’s fury? This blog starts a trip to find out how strong and important hurricane garage doors are. It brings to light the unsung heroes who keep homes safe during storms.

Why Testing and Certification of Hurricane Garage Doors Are Important

For many reasons, hurricane resistant doors must pass certain tests and get certified. First, manufacturers designed these to survive harsh conditions. To prove that they can handle high winds, flying objects, and changes in pressure during a storm, they must go through a lot of tests. When a door gets certified, that means it meets or goes beyond the safety standards. With this process, people can trust that it is strong enough to keep them safe.

In hurricane-prone areas, testing and certification are often in line with building codes and insurance standards. By following these rules, you can lower your insurance rates and build or remodel homes to handle potential hazards. It lowers the risks and damage that could happen during severe weather events.

These tests do not just check the door’s strength; they also test the strength of its parts, like the glass and hinges. That makes sure that every part of the door can handle tough conditions when working together. In the end, knowing these doors undergo tests and approval means they are strong enough to keep homes and the people inside safe during storms and bad weather.

How the Wind Resistance Test Is Done

These doors go through a wind resistance simulation test. This test tells how well hurricane garage doors can stand up to strong winds. This process is very important in places where hurricanes and high winds are common. Usually, the following steps make up the process:

  1. Testing Facilities: What are the testing facilities like? First, they test doors in particular areas with strong fans or pressure chambers that simulate winds like those in a hurricane. 
  2. Mounting the Door: Inside the testing facility, they securely mount the garage door in a frame to simulate conditions in the real world.
  3. Increasing Wind Pressure: The wind pressure, raised gradually, imitates how strong the wind is during a storm. Pounds per square foot (psf) are used to measure the pressure. 
  4. Monitoring Performance: During the test, sensors and cameras watch how the door moves, bends, and stays together. The system keeps a record of any flaws, too much movement, or failure.
  5. Duration and Cycles: These doors are then exposed to sustained wind pressures for a certain amount of time. The test includes multiple cycles to simulate the varying strengths of wind gusts during a storm.

The Importance of Testing Wind Resistance

Safety and Security 

Testing the garage door makes sure it can stand up to strong winds, which protects the house and its people during a hurricane or other severe storm.

Compliance with Building Codes

In hurricane-prone places, building codes or insurance policies often require homes to meet or pass wind resistance standards.

Minimized Property Damage

Doors that pass tests for wind resistance are less likely to break during a storm, which means less damage to the garage and home’s interior.

Peace of Mind

When homeowners know their garage doors can handle severe weather, they have trust in their long-lasting and reliable quality.

Insurance and Cost Savings

Installing certified hurricane-resistant garage doors may lower your insurance rates or get you a discount because of the lower chance of damage from storms.

Wind resistance testing is an important part of certifying storm garage doors to make sure they can stand up to nature’s forces and keep homes and people safe during severe weather.

Hurricane Garage Doors Certification Labels and What They Mean

Certification marks on hurricane doors mean the door has passed certain tests and meets standards set by government agencies. Important information about the door’s performance and suitability for hurricane-prone places is on these labels. Here is a list of common certification labels and what they mean:

Hurricane Garage Doors Impact Rating Label

  • Description: This sign tells you how resistant the door is to impacts from things that hurricane-force winds usually carry.
  • Meaning: It shows that the door can handle being hit by things like tree branches or projectiles, which lowers the risk of damage during storms.
  • Ratings: Usually mentioned as “Class” or “Level,” with higher classes suggesting better resistance to impact.

Wind Load Certification Label

  • Description: This sign tells you how much wind pressure the door can handle in pounds per square foot (psf).
  • Importance: It shows how well the door can withstand high winds, making sure it stays intact and works during hurricanes and other harsh storms.
  • Ratings: The door’s sign will usually say how much wind pressure it can stand, like “120 psf” or “150 psf.”

A sample WindCode rating label on hurricane garage doors

Labels from Certification Agencies

  • Description: These labels show the logos or names of the groups that test and certify products.
  • Importance: It shows that the door meets building codes and industry standards set by reputable groups. 

Homeowners can make smart choices about hurricane garage doors when they understand these certification marks. Examples include labels from the International Code Council (ICC), the Florida Building Code, or the Miami-Dade County Product Approval. If you want to make sure that the door you choose meets the standards for durability, safety, and resistance to extreme weather, look for these marks.

How to Maintain Hurricane Garage Doors

Maintaining hurricane garage doors is important to make sure they keep working well and are strong. Regular maintenance can make them last longer and make it easier for them to handle bad weather. Below are some important care tips:

Visual Inspection 

  • Every couple of months, look at the door to see if there are any signs of damage, wear, or imbalance.
  • Check for damage to the door’s structure, such as cracks, dents, rust, loose bolts, or worn weather stripping.


  • To keep hinges, rollers, tracks, and springs moving easily, use a silicone-based lubricant on them.
  • Lubricate these parts at least once or twice a year to keep them from rusting and to make sure they work right.

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Have a qualified technician check the door once a year to see how it is holding up.

Professional Service

  • Professionals can detect possible future problems early on and make any changes or repairs that are needed.

Homeowners can keep their storm garage doors working well and lasting a long time by doing these garage door maintenance tasks. That will make sure that they are reliable and strong when bad weather hits.

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