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Garage Door Maintenance North Hollywood

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Project Description

A homeowner in North Hollywood, CA, scheduled their yearly garage door maintenance with Fixxed Garage Doors. Our technicians started the assessment by carefully looking at every garage door part. First, we checked the springs, cables, rollers, and hinges to make sure they all worked well. However, some rollers were rusty, and the tracks and bottom weather seals had dirt and grime buildup. We cleaned them and replaced all the old ones with a new set of quiet nylon rollers. We also examined the tracks and made sure it was in perfect alignment. Finally, we looked at the mechanism of the garage door opener and tested its safety features. Yet, during the inspection, we found an issue with the down force limits. We told them the risks that could come from the wrong setting and adjusted the limits accordingly. To finish the job, we lubricated the moving parts to eliminate any noises or resistance. After all these works, we tested the garage door once more to confirm its smooth operation. The client was pleased to observe the effortless movement of their garage door. Once again, Fixxed Garage Doors has provided an exceptional level of service.

You would not forget to change the oil in your car, mow your lawn, or clean your gutters, so why would you forget to take care of your garage door? With your busy routine, it is easy to forget garage door maintenance. But keep in mind that it is just as important as any other chore around the house. 

Why Garage Door Maintenance Is Important

Most of you, if not all, probably use your garage door daily. Hence, you expect its parts to wear out and break down over time. Yet, with regular upkeep, you can prevent these issues and ensure your garage door stays in great shape for years. On the other hand, if you fail to take care of your garage door, the condition can get worse. That could cause problems with how it works and even raise safety risks. 

For a variety of reasons, regular garage door maintenance is crucial. Here are some important reasons why you should take care of your garage door: 


A well-maintained garage door will keep you and your family safe. Worn or broken parts on doors that have not been taken care of can be very dangerous. Regular maintenance helps find and fix problems that could cause crashes or injuries. Broken springs, frayed cables, or sensors that are not in the right place could all be the culprit.


One of the main ways to get into your house is through the garage door. If the door works properly, potential thieves or intruders are less likely to break in. With regular maintenance, your locks, sensors, and opener systems will be in good shape, making your home and things safer.


A garage door is a big investment, and keeping it in good shape helps protect that investment. You can make your garage door last longer by fixing small problems right away. That may include lubricating moving parts, tightening loose screws, or replacing worn-out parts. Preventive maintenance helps you avoid expensive repairs or early replacements down the line.

Smooth Operation

A well-maintained garage door moves easily and quietly. Regularly lubricating hinges, rollers, and tracks reduces friction and wear and tear. That ensures the opener works well and keeps the motor from working harder than it needs to. It could also make the opener last longer.


Garage door maintenance is essential for safety, security, durability, and ease. It protects your investment and provides peace of mind, knowing that your garage door is reliable and working optimally. Check the manufacturer's instructions or get help from a licensed professional to determine what kind of care your garage door model needs.

Garage Door Maintenance Near Me

At Fixxed Garage Doors, we understand the importance of keeping your garage door in top condition. We offer professional repair and maintenance services for any brand of garage door opener you have. Whether it is an issue with your garage door spring or other parts, we can help. Our experienced door experts can quickly diagnose the problem and give you expert help. We promise every job will be done well so that you can count on us for all your garage door maintenance needs. Call us now for free estimates.

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