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One of the most frequent garage door issues is broken garage door cables. Cables are one of the most important parts of a garage door, so it is important to know how to replace them properly. In this feature, we will show you how to safely and effectively replace your garage door cables.

Two Types Of Garage Door Cables

Most garage doors have two types of cables. First are the lifting cables that transfer energy from the springs to lift the door. The other is the safety cables that help prevent injuries in case of an accident involving the springs. 

Essential Guide to Replacing Garage Door Cables

Replacing Torsion Spring Lifting Garage Door Cables

Step 1: Safety measures

Safety is always the top priority with any home improvement project, especially when working with garage doors. Make sure to have someone to help in case you need it. Also, take all the necessary safety precautions, like wearing eye protection and gloves.

A cable coiled in its drum on the garage door

Step 2: Uninstall the cables

  • Taking precautions is crucial when working with broken garage door cables, as they can be heavy and dangerous. To begin, open the door as far as it safely goes and place a step ladder underneath. Then, take two pairs of locking pliers or C-clamps and secure them onto the track below the last roller.
  • Determine which side has the broken cable. Next, you can check for a winding drum on each side of the door above the upper corners. Once you have found the broken cable, locate the end resting in a notch on the drum.
  • To remove the door cable, first, unwind it from around the pin on the bottom of the door. Then, pull the cable out from under the door.

Step 3: Install the new cables

  • It is now time to install the new cable. Your new cable should look like the original in terms of diameter and length. However, proceed cautiously, as an improper cable may wear down quickly.
  • Before beginning, inspect your cable to ensure it is not frayed or damaged. Once you have confirmed that the cable is in good condition, locate the end without the loop and insert it back into the notch on the door’s drum.
  • Next, you will need to attach the looped end of the cable to the pin. After doing so, you can remove the ladder and clamps. Once you have done this, test the operation to ensure it is functioning properly.

Replacing Extension Spring Lifting Cables

Step 1: Open and lock your garage door

Extension spring cables are replaced similarly to torsion cables, though fewer cables are involved since there is one per side. In addition, there will be pulleys present instead of a winding drum. Extension cables also have a simple “S” hook that attaches it to a track instead of wound around a drum.

Step 2: Install the brand-new cable

Although most extension cords come with a loop on one end, you can add one yourself. It is helpful because it allows you to attach the cord to different objects easily.

  • Attach the looped end of the new cable to the pin on the bottom of the door, making sure to follow the same path as the old cable. 
  • Next, wind the cable around the pulleys, being careful to keep track of which direction you are going in. 
  • Once everything is hooked up, remove the clamps and ladder and test out the door to make sure it is working properly.
Brand-new garage door cables

How to Attach a Safety Cable to an Extension Spring

  • Detach both ends of your old garage door cable and pull it through its spring. Discard it once you have removed it. Attach one end to your track to install your new garage door cable (usually using an “S” hook). Then tie or bolt it to the other end.
  • To install the new cable, ensure it is correct by checking the connection at the rear. Then pass the cable through and reattach it to the track using the provided “S” hook.

Note: You may be able to replace your cable yourself, but it is safer to call a professional. The process is simple enough but dangerous for someone uncomfortable around tools.

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