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Signs That Your Garage Door Sensor Isn’t Working!

The safety of your family comes first, which is why you must guarantee that every area of your home is free of dangers. Being one of the most used parts of a home, your garage door plays an important part in the everyday safety of your property and it has to work all the time. One component of your garage door that makes it safe to operate is the sensor. A broken garage door sensor can result in several problems, including your garage door failing to open or close properly. Because the garage door sensor is responsible for the safe operation of the garage door, it must be in good operating order. So, how do you spot a failing garage door sensor? Read on for the telltale signs of a malfunctioning sensor.

The Garage Door Is Not Closing

If your garage door refuses to close even though nothing is blocking it, it could be a sensor issue. Another sign of a sensor problem is when your garage door does open but will not close. Other times, the door will go down the tracks only to reverse open the moment it hits the floor. If you think you have a malfunctioning garage door sensor, the first thing to do is figure out what is causing the problem. Perform the cardboard box test to do so. Put two cardboard boxes over 6 inches tall on the floor directly under the path of the garage door. If the garage door continues to descend and hits the boxes, the sensors are not working properly.

The Photo Eye Sensor Lights Are Off or Blinking

The transmitting photo-eye usually has a yellow LED light. You know that it is sending the beam across the garage door opening when it is lit. The receiving photo eye’s LED light is typically green. If nothing is obstructing the path across the opening, the receiving eye’s LED should be bright, solid green. Something is amiss if the LED lights are off or blinking. If one is blinking while the other remains steady, this indicates that their alignment is off. Another thing to remember is that the sun can occasionally interfere with the sensors. Consider installing your sensors with safety sensor sun shields to block out the sun’s infrared rays.

What Causes Garage Door Sensors to Stop Working?

Reason #1: The Photo Eye Sensor Are Obstructed by Dirt

The lenses of your garage door sensor will collect dust over time. With normal use, dust and grime can accumulate on the surface of the photo eyes, impairing their capacity to function. Wipe the lenses clean with a soft cloth to remove any dust or moisture. They can also be damaged by excessive humidity and lawn sprinklers. They may fail to work if they freeze over the winter months. After cleaning the garage door sensors, repeat the cardboard box test to check that it was successful.

Reason #2: Damage to the wiring

Wire damage is another common problem with garage door sensors. Check your wiring for any broken or twisted connections. If the sensor lights are flashing a different color, there could be a problem with the wires. The garage door opener’s cables must be properly connected. Connecting wires can be quite risky if you are unfamiliar with the procedure, so it is best to contact a garage door technician.

Garage door repair service from Fixxed Garage Doors

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