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Reasons to Outfit Your Garage Door With Weatherstripping!

New garage doors come with weather stripping, but the seal will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Because your garage door is the largest opening in your home, a defective seal will expose your property to the elements as well as unwanted creatures like insects and rodents. And there are further advantages to installing weatherstripping on your garage door than just ensuring no rainwater or pest gets into your domestic space.

Weatherstripping shields your garage from the elements

If you live in a place with cold winters, your garage may be susceptible to snow and ice build-up. In winter, snow and water may seep beneath the garage door and cause water damage to your garage and the items stored therein. Sealing the gaps at the bottom of the garage door with weatherstripping will keep snow and water out. Weatherstripping also protects the interior of your garage against flooding during rainy seasons.

Weatherstripping improves your garage insulation

When the garage door is closed, weatherstripping forms a tight, impenetrable barrier around the door itself, reducing air leaks and providing better protection against air drafts. This helps regulate indoor temperatures and reduce cooling and heating costs, leading to energy savings. Properly fitted weatherstripping around the outer garage door can help to significantly reduce the risk of energy loss.

Weatherstripping helps keep your car and belongings safe

If your garage door is without weatherstripping, water that pools in your driveway can make its way into your garage, causing damage to your vehicle and other belongings stored inside. By installing a high-quality bottom seal to your garage door, you do not have to worry about a pooling water harming your car or garage when it rains. Weatherstripping the garage door is also a terrific way to keep pests out of your garage, ensuring the cleanliness of your home and stuff.

Weatherstripping helps protect your garage door from damage

The bottom of your garage door bangs into the garage’s concrete floor every time it opens and closes, causing significant damage to the door’s structure over time. Installing your garage door with a bottom seal will prevent its bottom from scraping against the concrete floor, preventing premature wear on both the door and the floor. Weatherstripping is especially important if your garage door is made of wood. The seals will help keep the paint or finish on the door from cracking by protecting the edges from moisture.

Weatherstripping reduces levels of outdoor noise in a garage

Weatherstripping your garage door helps keep the noise in your garage at a reasonable level. By stopping air from escaping, the weatherstripping on your garage door helps limit the amount of sound that enters and leaves your garage. Whether you use your garage as a man cave, shop, or gym, weather stripping can help keep your neighbors satisfied by reducing noise transfer from your home to the garage.

Weatherstripping turns the garage into a livable space

A garage door weather seal is essential if you want to utilize your garage as a living area, workshop, or home gym since it prevents drafts and minimizes outdoor noise. Aside from providing insulation to keep your garage at a suitable temperature, weather stripping keeps pests, filth, and debris out, leaving you with a cleaner, bug-free house.

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